Wednesday, April 25, 2012


As of Friday(April 20th), things have really picked up. For starts Congratulations to the following people. Firstly Governess, Cat Flaks, she was recently promoted from Mistress, to a Governess! So please send her your congrats!, Second Head Governess Talin, celebrated her Birthday over the weekend to a very happy crowd of Aya folk! Thirdly, please Welcome Back Governess Zavoda, into the Governesses Chair, she recently rejoined us, from a brief hiatus from Aya.

As of Tuesday(April 23rd), we have a new Mistress! Please if you see her, Welcome Lady Abigail, to the staff!

We will slowly be updating this blog all the time so please look for that!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

*smiles* Greetings Gorvernesses, Misses, Sirs, and subs of all types!


Welcome to AYA Sissy Sanctuary's new blog. W/we hope that this will be a way of not only distributing information about AYA to those who may not know U/us... but perhaps this can also be a forum for discussion, a place to post public essays and have meaningful discussion of what it means to be sissy or submissive in general.

PLEASE, leave any ideas or suggestions in the comments area. All ideas are welcome... any volunteers to write a post are always desired, a few lines, a few pages, a pic or two... maybe a link to another page... what ever content Y/you would like to contribute... please inform the webmaster(s) (hehehe - shouldn't that be... 'websubmissives'??)

Leaving a comment on a post or in the guestbook is the BEST way of sending information to U/us... as there are a few people who will be maintaining this site. Although if you like... Y/you may also contact us directly in world - Nicolette Greymyst and Bubbles Livy Greymyst being the primary contacts.