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AYA, the home to AYA Academy Sissy Sanctuary and Dance Club.


AYA is predominantly a Sanctuary for sissies, but there is no discrimination for anyone who wishes to come here, that includes Furries and Neko's as well.

All are welcome in the Mansion, Dance Club and Slaver Port.
Also there are private residences here, and we do ask you to not go into them unless invited by the tenant.


Her Majesty, Queen Talin Greymyst is in charge of this Sim, if she is not available, then this duty falls to Head Governess Kara Love, if neither of these people are available then one of the Governess's.


1; Child Avatars (those who are short and without adult curves or act childlike or dress childlike) are forbidden.
If you appear to be of this type by anyone in this Sim you will be asked to amend yourself appropriately.  
If you refuse, you will be ejected and banned. This also means No Age Play.

2; Visitors and Staff must not be nude unless instructed to be or given permission to be. People and Furries and Pets will be given exceptions to this rule on a case by case basis

3; No Weapons are allowed, i.e., Guns, Knives, etc. (Whips, canes, and crops are not considered weapons.)

4; No Public Drama, Leave it outside. This includes matters of family, politics, religion, other people, other businesses or events that have nothing to do with AYA business. This is what Instant Messages (IMs) were invented for. Please use them. Continued violations of this rule will lead to expulsion.

5; We here at AYA do not discriminate, this is a place for Sissies, Shemales, Women and everything in between, Nekos and Furries are also welcome here. Anyone found to be breaking this rule will be given One warning, any further violations and you will be removed. Everyone is to be treated with respect.

6; No Bloodlines activity is to take place without the express permission from the Queen or a Governess. This means strictly no biting.

7; Maids are under instruction to show any guest or Visitor around the buildings and will be polite and courteous at all times. Our Maids are NOT prostitutes; please do not think that they are here to be used for your pleasure.

8; Guests are not allowed to use any sexual equipment in the Mansion. This includes any sexual activity between guests and members.

9; There is no financial domination, escorts or prostitution in AYA, if any of this is seen, please contact a Mistress or a Governess.

The following is something written by one of the AYA submissives, I think it sums up quite a lot, and I include it here for your viewing pleasure


For those seeking to join AYA, an interview is required, and this is to be organized with a Governess.

Thank you for your interest in AYA and reading this card

General Information about Aya for Newcomers

Aya Sissy Sanctuary is an organized society of Mistresses, maids and submissives. The first rule of Aya is everyone, Mistress and maids alike, are to give and to be given the utmost respect to everyone within and without.
Potential maids who have not been initiated should not sub to a Mistress without permission. Curtsying is always acceptable. Nudity is not allowed in the halls unless instructed by a Mistress.

Hierarchy is very important here at Aya. The society is ruled by a Queen, Governesses and Mistresses who are revered and served by the maids and subs. There are even ranks within certain designations such as Head Maid. Maids and subs are expected to know the titles of the different Mistresses, and perform proper etiquette in their presence. For example, initiated maids and subs are expected to kneel down and kiss the shoe of a Mistress when she enters into the mansion. Potential maids may curtsy but are not required to shoe kiss until after they are initiated. The appropriate address by a particular maid or sub to their owner is “Mistress”. If not owned, Miss, or Miss plus the first name, is appropriate. Governesses are addressed by their title, and the Queen is addressed as Her Majesty.

The throne room is for special ceremonies and functions, such as the initiation of a new maid. The Queen, Governesses and/or Mistresses sit in the throne chairs. The golden red chair is reserved for the Queen alone. The maids and subs are required to kneel down at the edge of the platform on the rectangular carpet. Maids and subs can use a scripted kneeling pose near the platform, or their own. Maids and subs are prohibited from standing on the platform, unless to perform a shoe kiss. They are also prohibited from sitting in any of the chairs in the throne room even when functions are not being performed.

To formally join Aya, all maids and Mistresses must fill out applications which must be accepted by a Governess. Most Mistresses, and some maids and subs have blank applications which can be turned into certain Mistresses after having been completed. During the initiation ceremony of a new maid, the initiate kneels down before the Mistresses while the maids and subs also kneel down at the platform and act as witnesses. The initiate recites a pledge from a Governess and becomes a trainee maid. When completed, the maids take the new maid and dress her in her new maid’s uniform. Maids have different ranks which are shown through the color scheme of their uniforms.
Maids then perform tasks at Aya, mostly cleaning and upkeep. The amount of time they spend is scored on an upper board. The Queen and Governesses write policy. A Board consisting of the Queen, Governesses, Mistresses and even some maids make decisions about the sim.

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