Tuesday, August 6, 2013

AYA’s Family Will Change!

Normally humans do not like change. Changes can sometimes be traumatic. But no change, no progress, is signing death sentence for herself

AYA has reached a point that needs to evolve to continue to be what it always was.

With the intention to evolve, after a long time without having a member with AV male, AYA's Family received Sir Rich Zhong.

Who is Rich Zhong? What is he doing here? What to expect from him?

These and other questions, Sir Rich Zhong responds to readers of AYA's Blog.


Marta Mars:  Sir Rick, I like to start my interviews with my interviewees talking about themselves. Then who is Rick Zhong?

Rich Zhong: Hmmm, I think that I'm a bit of a Swiss Army Knife.  Whatever I need at the moment just pops out at the ready <smiles>.  I consider myself “straight,” but want to experience new things as much as possible.  Isn't that what SL is best at offering?  Probably my single biggest defining characteristic is that I'm a very patient person.  I let the winds carry me along and trust that things will usually turn out as they should in the long run. I might nudge destiny here or there, but never a large change.  I think this philosophy has worked well for me so far.

Marta Mars:  I can see in your profile that you have a large experience in SL; can you talk a little about it?

Rich Zhong: I've been around for quite a few years.  I used to own a forest sim, had partners, lost partners, used various AVs (male, female, other), but I have a principle of only one active AV at a time.  I have owned three fully collared subs (at different times), and took those relationships extremely seriously.  At one point in my career I was in the senior management of another well-known BDSM sim, but have no association there now.

Marta Mars:  I can see too that you are a follower of BDSM, what are your preferences, how you define yourself in BDSM universe?

Rich Zhong: In a Dom capacity, I tend to be most at ease with 100% submissives rather than switches.  The RL gender doesn't make any difference to me, so I have had both RL males and RL females.  I do prefer the SL form to be female, however.  For me, AYA is an ocean of beauty as far as the eye can see!  Also, I have a special interest in chastity for sissies, and I make a *very* reliable keyholder <grins>.

Marta Mars:  How was it that you found AYA?

Rich Zhong: I've always been interested in the extra layer of submission available to sissies and maids.  So I think combining the two of them together is a wonderful idea.  In searching SL, there is only one sissy sim that really stands out.  When I visited, I immediately found the engaging family atmosphere and was hooked!  The Queen and Governesses were extremely supportive while I was getting started and initially meeting people.

Marta Mars:  What do you expect to find in AYA?

Rich Zhong: I hope I can be accepted by everyone in the family even though I'm not much of a party person or dancer. I'm much more comfortable talking one-on-one than in a group.

Marta Mars:  You are an AYA’s Family member and all Family welcomes you. You are the first Sir in AYA in a long time, how you see this?

Rich Zhong: It really depends on the person, of course, but there might be some types of feelings or interactions that are best done with a Sir.  I think it strengthens the diversity of the sim and is in keeping with our founding principles of accepting everybody without prejudice for who they are inside.  I encourage anybody to strike up a conversation if they are curious about me.  I'm usually shy about meeting in the beginning because I know that some people have no interest at all, and I don't want to bother them.

Marta Mars:  You have some dream that you would like to accomplish here?

Rich Zhong: When I first came to AYA, I was thinking about finding a girl to call my own from amongst the maids of AYA, but now I have found the perfect special girl outside of AYA and I hope to bring her here in the future.  After that, who knows?  I have a feeling that I will find something more than I originally expected <smiles>.  I don't do anything in haste, so let's just see what time will bring.

Marta Mars:  Everybody can contribute with something to improve our Family, what you think about this statement?

Rich Zhong: The very first day I set foot in AYA, I already knew that I had a mission to help the sim and everybody in it.  This feeling is growing even stronger as I meet more AYA people, find out how great the people are, and negotiate the maze of interlocking relationships.  I just hope that people can feel my honest wish to help and not prejudge me because of my physical form.

Marta Mars:  Let’s talk now about you, you have a family, wife or sons?

Rich Zhong: I used to raise two little girls in SL with my previous partner (family role play), but I don't presently have a wife or children.  I would certainly not be against having a family if I happen to find the right people <pokes Amy>.

Marta Mars:  Thanks very much for your interview. Can you say something for our readers?

Rich Zhong: Long live AYA and long live the Queen!

Welcome to AYA’s Family Sir Rich Zhong

By Marta


  1. So i might be a little biased here.
    But welcome Rick . Its great to have you here.
    Hes is a wonderful guy and i know this from experience
    Rick is a real Gentleman and my eye candy :)
    So maybe some of you still think ok so its a guy' Not to sure about this
    But give this man a chance and i promise you he wont be disappointing.
    We need a few Men around the place and if they are all like Rick then we will be a very lucky community

    Welcome to the AYA family Rick

  2. I tend to be skittish around men sometimes. It's one of the reasons I find myself attracted to femdoms. But, I didn't feel that when I met Sir Rick.

    Even though I don't identify as a man (or a woman) I do identify as male. At first I thought I might lose my position as a trainee maid because of that.

    Instead I found people who were willing to make a place for me in their minds and hearts, and have made me feel welcome here. I hope people will be able to do the same for Sir Rick.

  3. I agree fully with Governess Zav. When I met Rick the first time at Aya, I convinced myself that he must have some wicked agenda. But at the same time he seemed very cool, polite and confident. After a few talks, I came to like him...very much:) Rick is openminded, positive, emphatic and has a rarely high level of selfestime. And it doesn't hurt he is drop dead handsome :) I wish you all good at Aya....and yes, I would be honoured if you would be on my short list *giggles*

  4. I haven't got the pleasure of meeting him. Still I wish he enjoys the best in our lovely mansion. Thank you Marta for this awesome interview.

  5. welcome to Aya Sir Rick

    I am pleased you are part of our family

  6. Welcome to Aya Sir Rick.
    I remember he asked me a few questions about Aya and was very polite.
    A great interview Mistress Marta