Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sissy Maid Service

((or.... "Storytime, round 2"))

A slightly different post than last..... this time, a visual story for your entertainment. Similar in its topics and focus on a sissy's TRUE desire (to serve, and be wanted), except this time with visual cues.

Submitted by Miss Suzy Seid.


....and all of a sudden, this sissy's neck cramps in jealousy, hehehehe.

The Little Sissy and the Beautiful Miss

by Head Governess Kara

Once upon a time, there was a little sissy who had no Miss. She was very lonely and longed for a Miss to serve and one day she set about to find one.

She walked through the woods a very long way and soon became tired and hungry. She spotted a dreary cabin and opened the door slowly and stepped inside. "Hello? Anyone here?" she whispered.

"Yes you idiot! Now close that door!" a voice answered. Sissy could see a very ugly  Miss in the dim light and closed the door straight away. She had green skin and matted  hair and a big wart on her crooked nose.

"I...I..I’m sorry Miss. You see, I have come a long way and I am tired and hungry. May  I do some chores for you to earn a meal?" Sissy said then curtsied respectfully.

"Bah! I am sure you are of no use! Look at you! You are worthless!" cackled the ugly Miss. "Now fetch me some tea!".

"Yes, Miss. Right away!" sissy curtsied and went to the stove to fetch the tea kettle. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

For the Love of Aya

by Head Maid Princess Raven Greymyst
In America we just celebrated ThanksGiving and as my sister Nicolette so sweetly written she was thankful for her family and to Aya.
I also am thankful for having so many wonderful friends who I met through the doors of a fantastic place.  So many of us create these Second Life vessels to be able to have our inner girl heard, or to just live out a fantasy that gets our pulse racing.  I have had the opportunity to live out many fantasies in Real Life, but these encounters pale in comparison to the times I have had through Sissy Sims such as Aya.  I have a extended family and they are more than just Avatars.  They are people.  People with real feelings and big hearts. 
To Talin Greymyst - An inspiration to me of a dear dear person who dreams of a strong Aya, and a lasting legacy that will carry on, even when she can't.  I Love You like you were my own mother.  My Real Life mother passed away a few years ago.  I was close to her, but held a lot of resentment for the way she raised us, and especially her choice of lifestyle that brought death upon her sooner than I would of liked.  Talin always thinking of the sim first and herself second.  Talin yelling at me to stay out of her closet, and to wear my uniform.  The Queen who takes each defection of a friend personally and works hard to bring them home.  I can only hope I can continue to love as unconditionally as you can. 
To Stacy Greymyst - Started out my competitor and then won my heart and hand in a Union between us.  Your dedication and heart is why your a Matron.  Your friendship and standing by me always helps me feel special.  Our adventures are only beginning baby.  I love you my Second Life Wife.
To Kara Love - Head Governess who had lost her love and soulmate in Jamie to the RL.  How I wish I could help fill that void.  You took me on as your personal maiden.  You recommended me for Head Maid.  Your friendship and love brighten my days.  You wear minidresses better than anyone in SL.  I will attend to you and your needs always.
To Dolly and Kori - I am astonished at all you do for Aya, devotion, friendship...whatever it is that drives you both, I hope it never waivers.  Always a fan of what you both do.  I even understand Mouse is contributing to making Aya better.  I applaud all you do.
The Governesses and Mistresses of Aya - We need your strong wills to guide us sissies in life.  Do not let up on us for we count on you to correct us when we make mistakes and to reward us when we go above and beyong to please you. 
The maid staff - Its all in the presentation - Be dedicated to serving, be courteous and always gracious. 
My Sisters - I love you all very much - those of us closest to Talin and for which she stands.  Nicolette, Twinkles and the others.  You mean the world to me.
Finally a reach out to Vixen - I am deeply sorry for what had happened.  I can only hope that one day you will forgive me.
May the holidays - be with you!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Hello Friends, Family, Governesses, Mistresses, Sirs, Dommes and submissives... and all friends of Aya.....

    Today as you may know is the holiday of "Thanksgiving" in the USA. While there are numerous histories of the holiday for you to google if desired... i would like to take this moment to tell you what Thanksgiving means to me.

    For me, Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. It is a time for friends and family alike to come together, break bread, and share their love and gatefullness for the many blessings we tend to overlook in everyday life.

    So today, i tell you all.... Today i am thankful to know sooo many wonderful people, to be able to have so many friends that are willing to listen and understand, so many to support me when down, so many to celebrate with me when up. I am Thankful for my loving family, both the extended Greymyst Clan, as well as my more immediate Clowny Loves :) I am immensely happy and thankful to be the Queen's daughter, not just as a Princess... but as Her girl, Her submissive, Hers. I am thankful to be a part of AYA, not only as a Head Maid, but also as the most simplest 'friend' of Aya.... someone to assist the new girls, a place where i can fulfill my desires to help others, as well as have a support system to assist myself when needed. I am thankful for such a great Head Governess, so caring and thoughtful, while staying the strong Domme we all love :) I am thankful for all of the staff... all Mistresses and Sirs that take their time to play with us submissives, spend their own moneys to provide a fun and safe place for us all to play. I am thankful for not only my immediate sisters, Twinkles, Stacy, Raven, Fuzzy, Alexis, and Andi (and whoever else i missed, hehe, who can keep track?)., but also thankful for ALL of my extended 'sisters of the duster' fellow maids :)

    There is sooo much to be grateful for.... the club, the mansion, the concern, the protection, the support, and love, the instruction and guidance, the friendship and fun times. I am sure i am missing someone or something that i should be including, and as the day goes on, and my rl home fills with the scents of Rosemary and Sage... know friends and loved ones... know that THIS girl... is thinking of you all... and is grateful for You in her life.

Happy Thanksgiving One and All!!!

With Deepest Love,
Princess Nicolette T.C. Greymyst

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Congratulations Miss Sinjane... and to you as well, lovely Chelsie :)

A Beautiful Mistress and Her lovely Bride :)

[14:58] Miss Vixen: Before we begin one of the closest friends of the brides Queen Talin would like to say a few words
[14:59] Talin Greymyst: Welcome everyone to this most wonderful occasion
[14:59] Talin Greymyst: I can honestly say I have never been happier to attend a wedding
[14:59] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst smiles
[15:00] Talin Greymyst: Governess Jane and Maid Chelsie
[15:00] Talin Greymyst: are not just members of AYA
[15:00] Talin Greymyst: they are two of the kindest and most loving people I have ever had the pleasure to meet in SL
[15:01] Talin Greymyst: and I count them as true friends
[15:01] Talin Greymyst: Jane as you may know is our AYA Doctor
[15:01] Talin Greymyst: affectionately known to me as Doc Crippen
[15:01] Talin Greymyst: :)
[15:01] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst giggles
[15:01] Sinjane grins
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: and Chelsie is not only a well respected maid n´but an AYA Nurse
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: they both work hard for the sim and AYA
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: but most off all
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: they love each other
[15:02] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst smiles
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: and I pledge
[15:03] Talin Greymyst: that as long as I am Queen
[15:03] Talin Greymyst: I will support and love them both
[15:03] Jagi Rydell: yayy
[15:03] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[15:03] Kim Dench smiles
[15:03] Jagi Rydell: smiles
[15:03] Kiki Flowers claps softly
[15:03] Jessica Claps Hands
[15:03] Talin Greymyst: let us all wish them well on their journey, love and support them
[15:03] Talin Greymyst: thank you
[15:03] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[15:03] Leona James: *** applause ***
[15:03] Penny: yay
[15:03] Princess Nicolette Greymyst: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[15:03] Sinjane: ty dear lady
[15:03] Jagi Rydell begins to cry
[15:03] Miss Vixen the Incorrigible: Thank you for your kind loving and wise words Majesty
[15:04] Jagi Rydell (bobby.rydell): cry
[15:04] Chelsie Goodliffe: thank you Queen Talin :)
[15:04] Suki Darkfold: **appause**

Congratulations to Y/you both... may Your Second Lives be filled with joy and love and happiness to stretch into and overcome Your real lives :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Submission of Fuzzy

Written and submitted for your amusement by Miss Vixen


  As you might know recently Governess Fuzzy resigned her position and asked me to assist her in rediscovering her submissive side and i was only too happy to help.  I wanted to make the events fun and humiliating and to make sure she understood that she would be taken to the edge (but not beyond it) in a series of events culminating with her cherry being taken in her sissy pussy.

   After establishing boundaries and making sure this was truly what she wanted, I planned out a series of events that would make sure that not an ounce of Dom would be left in her and she would truly embrace her reluctant sissy side and feel like she was a true maid and sissy slut even though her rp was that of not wanting this to happen.