Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Queen and Her Loyal Subjects

Some may know, our beloved Queen was recently away for some health issues. While we all know that this is necessary, and we all only want the best for Her Majesty.... in some small way... i know many of us were very selfishly missing Her and waiting for Her return eagerly.

She brings such joy to us all, we could hardly be blamed for wanting to be near Her again.

Once She was strong enough... the Queen was kind enough to come home once again and grace us. Some high points from Her visit...

All of us maids took great pride in being perfectly lined up for Her arrival. A formal kneeling maid is a happy maid. :)

Head Maid Stacy received the AYA Silver Medal of Service. HM Stacy is a huge role model to all of us. She is VERY dedicated to the life and times of Little England, always available for service to any Staff, and is so very helpful to all the maids. She almost never leaves the sim, and can almost always be found manning her post in the mansion, providing guidance and support to her fellow maids.

So, please if you see Stacy, congratulate her... if you are a sissy, there are few better to model yourself after. If You are Domme, i know she loves to be a good girl... give her the chance to show you.

Either way.. hehe.. come to Little England and visit us! We love to show new folks around... and if you are a bit confused, trying to find your way in this second life... let us help you... at AYA, sissies are protected, supported, loved, and cared for. Maybe you will find an Owner, maybe you will find a friend, most of us? we find a home.

Sexy Fun Times at AYA Mansion!

Now i bring to you, for your veiwing pleasure (*wink).....

Mina and Mouse... Get It On!!

(Pics Courtesy of Miss Vixen)

sissies love performing for their Mistress

Just to make sure she won't get away... as if she'd want to... hehehe

So would like like to perform for a Mistresses ejoyment, while over looking a pretty view? Maybe you prefer to kneel and watch, ready for cleanup duty? What ever your particular peccadilloes are.... AYA Sissy Sanctuary has a place for you!

Please come on by, take a tour, visit the shops, or just hang out... meet our Queen, or any of the regular Dommes who visit everyday. This sissy would love to pass you a membership application, new members always make my day!

Monday, August 13, 2012

May i Present... Queen Talin the First!

Since the day she received the title of AYA Queen, my dear Mommy Talin wanted a coronation. She is English and loves her queen, so it seemed normal to everyone that she would deserve a big British coronation, like her model the Queen Elizabeth the first.

Such an amazing event... a first for AYA, and we couldn't be happier
At first, planning progressed slowly as she fought the devil. Fortunately, She was able to return to us, just in time for my wedding to my dear sissy wife, Raven. Rather than wait for us, Mummy Talin eventually decided to organise it by herself, as is her way (*smiles*). 
Soon, Friday the 10th of August at 9PM GMT (UK time), in the marvelous cathedral Miss Dolly created, a crowd waited as the Queen, her consort Miss Rusty Mocha, her entourage (composed of her four daughters Raven, Stacy (me), Nicolette and Twinkles), and Matron Princess Alexis prepared for the big moment. 
All the guests were dressed so pretty!

With “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” in the air, the Queen and her escort walked into the main wing of the cathedral, maids kneeling along the sides and all the guest standing respectfully. At the end, the AYA Bishop Vixen waited until the Queen was kneeing in front of her, as the ceremony began. 
Get a good look maids, hehe, this is probably the only time you shall ever see such a sight!
It was a ceremony full of emotion and love as one after another, the highest members of AYA stood next to the their Queen as she stated her oaths.
Crown Princess Alexis and Senior Miss Kara were so wonderful in their roles during the ceremony.
Eventually, she was officially crowned by Governess Zavoda, presented the talismans of leadership by Miss Dolly, followed by Miss Rusty presenting to the crowd: Queen Talin the First!
A Queen is crowned

Her Scepter and Orb of Royalty, symbols of Her right to rule

Long Live the Queen!
After a beautiful firework display, we finished the evening at the basement of the AYA Mansion with a little ball. It was beautiful to see everyone with fancy dresses and our Queen thanking everyone personally. I was happy to meet my niece Daffy for the first time, daughter of my clowny sister Twinkles.
My thoughts of all of this now that the build-up is over: I am very happy it happened, Mummy Talin deserved it a lot, and I was very excited, as were my three sisters about this coronation. Of course, we were afraid that people would not take it seriously, but they were all perfect, the maids, the guests, the Mistresses and of course Queen Talin. I hope it will be a sign of a new start at AYA, with all the wonderful people.

Thank you everyone who attended to this unique event, especially Mommy. I love you, I could never say it enough. 

AYA BSDM Head Maid
Stacy Greymyst


i couldnt let this entry finish without showing the pretty dresses Her Royal Highness provided for all of Her girls...

Such a pretty group of good girls!
Not the best pic (was from the practice) but here you can see the dresses for Her Majesty's Entourage (the four maid daughters). We are in the two groups to either side of the throne, all in matching red :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love at AYA

Today I marry Stacy Greymyst, a wedding that I certainly have fantasized about having four a long time, getting to be a bride, wearing a gown, having all the little bells and whistles that I yearned for when I was married in Real Life.  
Yes I did sneak a fitting in my own wifes wedding gown. It was just too hard to resist.  
I can't begin to tell you how many years, or how many times I would drive by bridal shops and just stare into the windows.  Dreaming of the day I would get to be a bride myself.  Well I might not get to physically wear a dress today, but I do get to feel what it is like.  What it is like to look stunning, what it is like to be with someone you love and make a commitment. 
Shhh.  Don't tell my real wife.  She'll never understand.  
I just hope that everyone gets to realize a fantasy or dream whenever they have the opportunity.  I want to thank my Second Life Love Stacy for being a good soul and I will always be her best friend.  Thanks to AYA for making today possible.  All my love to my family at AYA.
i think i speak for A/all of the AYA family, close and extended, when i say congratulations to my sisters, Raven & Stacy. Two beautiful, wonderful maids, friends, and sisters. W/we wish you all the happiness in the world!