Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Little Sissy and the Evil Miss

The Little Sissy and the Evil Miss....by Governess Kara

The little sissy was very happy living in the mansion with the beautiful Miss, her sister sissies and all the other Misses and the beautiful Queen.

She did her chores and played games with everyone and they all loved the little sissy and the little sissy loved them all back.

The beautiful Miss especially loved the little sissy and would say "Oh sissy I am most pleased with you and I love you with all my heart".

One day the little sissy went out to the rose garden as instructed by the beautiful Miss to fetch some rose clippings for the table.

But, in the land there lurked an evil Miss who coveted the little sissy and wanted her for herself.

The evil Miss slithered behind a tree and hatched a plan. "I shall lure the little sissy away from the beautiful Miss and have her as my own".

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sissy Maid Service

((or.... "Storytime, round 2"))

A slightly different post than last..... this time, a visual story for your entertainment. Similar in its topics and focus on a sissy's TRUE desire (to serve, and be wanted), except this time with visual cues.

Submitted by Miss Suzy Seid.


....and all of a sudden, this sissy's neck cramps in jealousy, hehehehe.

The Little Sissy and the Beautiful Miss

by Head Governess Kara

Once upon a time, there was a little sissy who had no Miss. She was very lonely and longed for a Miss to serve and one day she set about to find one.

She walked through the woods a very long way and soon became tired and hungry. She spotted a dreary cabin and opened the door slowly and stepped inside. "Hello? Anyone here?" she whispered.

"Yes you idiot! Now close that door!" a voice answered. Sissy could see a very ugly  Miss in the dim light and closed the door straight away. She had green skin and matted  hair and a big wart on her crooked nose.

"I...I..I’m sorry Miss. You see, I have come a long way and I am tired and hungry. May  I do some chores for you to earn a meal?" Sissy said then curtsied respectfully.

"Bah! I am sure you are of no use! Look at you! You are worthless!" cackled the ugly Miss. "Now fetch me some tea!".

"Yes, Miss. Right away!" sissy curtsied and went to the stove to fetch the tea kettle. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

For the Love of Aya

by Head Maid Princess Raven Greymyst
In America we just celebrated ThanksGiving and as my sister Nicolette so sweetly written she was thankful for her family and to Aya.
I also am thankful for having so many wonderful friends who I met through the doors of a fantastic place.  So many of us create these Second Life vessels to be able to have our inner girl heard, or to just live out a fantasy that gets our pulse racing.  I have had the opportunity to live out many fantasies in Real Life, but these encounters pale in comparison to the times I have had through Sissy Sims such as Aya.  I have a extended family and they are more than just Avatars.  They are people.  People with real feelings and big hearts. 
To Talin Greymyst - An inspiration to me of a dear dear person who dreams of a strong Aya, and a lasting legacy that will carry on, even when she can't.  I Love You like you were my own mother.  My Real Life mother passed away a few years ago.  I was close to her, but held a lot of resentment for the way she raised us, and especially her choice of lifestyle that brought death upon her sooner than I would of liked.  Talin always thinking of the sim first and herself second.  Talin yelling at me to stay out of her closet, and to wear my uniform.  The Queen who takes each defection of a friend personally and works hard to bring them home.  I can only hope I can continue to love as unconditionally as you can. 
To Stacy Greymyst - Started out my competitor and then won my heart and hand in a Union between us.  Your dedication and heart is why your a Matron.  Your friendship and standing by me always helps me feel special.  Our adventures are only beginning baby.  I love you my Second Life Wife.
To Kara Love - Head Governess who had lost her love and soulmate in Jamie to the RL.  How I wish I could help fill that void.  You took me on as your personal maiden.  You recommended me for Head Maid.  Your friendship and love brighten my days.  You wear minidresses better than anyone in SL.  I will attend to you and your needs always.
To Dolly and Kori - I am astonished at all you do for Aya, devotion, friendship...whatever it is that drives you both, I hope it never waivers.  Always a fan of what you both do.  I even understand Mouse is contributing to making Aya better.  I applaud all you do.
The Governesses and Mistresses of Aya - We need your strong wills to guide us sissies in life.  Do not let up on us for we count on you to correct us when we make mistakes and to reward us when we go above and beyong to please you. 
The maid staff - Its all in the presentation - Be dedicated to serving, be courteous and always gracious. 
My Sisters - I love you all very much - those of us closest to Talin and for which she stands.  Nicolette, Twinkles and the others.  You mean the world to me.
Finally a reach out to Vixen - I am deeply sorry for what had happened.  I can only hope that one day you will forgive me.
May the holidays - be with you!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Hello Friends, Family, Governesses, Mistresses, Sirs, Dommes and submissives... and all friends of Aya.....

    Today as you may know is the holiday of "Thanksgiving" in the USA. While there are numerous histories of the holiday for you to google if desired... i would like to take this moment to tell you what Thanksgiving means to me.

    For me, Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. It is a time for friends and family alike to come together, break bread, and share their love and gatefullness for the many blessings we tend to overlook in everyday life.

    So today, i tell you all.... Today i am thankful to know sooo many wonderful people, to be able to have so many friends that are willing to listen and understand, so many to support me when down, so many to celebrate with me when up. I am Thankful for my loving family, both the extended Greymyst Clan, as well as my more immediate Clowny Loves :) I am immensely happy and thankful to be the Queen's daughter, not just as a Princess... but as Her girl, Her submissive, Hers. I am thankful to be a part of AYA, not only as a Head Maid, but also as the most simplest 'friend' of Aya.... someone to assist the new girls, a place where i can fulfill my desires to help others, as well as have a support system to assist myself when needed. I am thankful for such a great Head Governess, so caring and thoughtful, while staying the strong Domme we all love :) I am thankful for all of the staff... all Mistresses and Sirs that take their time to play with us submissives, spend their own moneys to provide a fun and safe place for us all to play. I am thankful for not only my immediate sisters, Twinkles, Stacy, Raven, Fuzzy, Alexis, and Andi (and whoever else i missed, hehe, who can keep track?)., but also thankful for ALL of my extended 'sisters of the duster' fellow maids :)

    There is sooo much to be grateful for.... the club, the mansion, the concern, the protection, the support, and love, the instruction and guidance, the friendship and fun times. I am sure i am missing someone or something that i should be including, and as the day goes on, and my rl home fills with the scents of Rosemary and Sage... know friends and loved ones... know that THIS girl... is thinking of you all... and is grateful for You in her life.

Happy Thanksgiving One and All!!!

With Deepest Love,
Princess Nicolette T.C. Greymyst

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Congratulations Miss Sinjane... and to you as well, lovely Chelsie :)

A Beautiful Mistress and Her lovely Bride :)

[14:58] Miss Vixen: Before we begin one of the closest friends of the brides Queen Talin would like to say a few words
[14:59] Talin Greymyst: Welcome everyone to this most wonderful occasion
[14:59] Talin Greymyst: I can honestly say I have never been happier to attend a wedding
[14:59] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst smiles
[15:00] Talin Greymyst: Governess Jane and Maid Chelsie
[15:00] Talin Greymyst: are not just members of AYA
[15:00] Talin Greymyst: they are two of the kindest and most loving people I have ever had the pleasure to meet in SL
[15:01] Talin Greymyst: and I count them as true friends
[15:01] Talin Greymyst: Jane as you may know is our AYA Doctor
[15:01] Talin Greymyst: affectionately known to me as Doc Crippen
[15:01] Talin Greymyst: :)
[15:01] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst giggles
[15:01] Sinjane grins
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: and Chelsie is not only a well respected maid n´but an AYA Nurse
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: they both work hard for the sim and AYA
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: but most off all
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: they love each other
[15:02] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst smiles
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: and I pledge
[15:03] Talin Greymyst: that as long as I am Queen
[15:03] Talin Greymyst: I will support and love them both
[15:03] Jagi Rydell: yayy
[15:03] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[15:03] Kim Dench smiles
[15:03] Jagi Rydell: smiles
[15:03] Kiki Flowers claps softly
[15:03] Jessica Claps Hands
[15:03] Talin Greymyst: let us all wish them well on their journey, love and support them
[15:03] Talin Greymyst: thank you
[15:03] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[15:03] Leona James: *** applause ***
[15:03] Penny: yay
[15:03] Princess Nicolette Greymyst: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[15:03] Sinjane: ty dear lady
[15:03] Jagi Rydell begins to cry
[15:03] Miss Vixen the Incorrigible: Thank you for your kind loving and wise words Majesty
[15:04] Jagi Rydell (bobby.rydell): cry
[15:04] Chelsie Goodliffe: thank you Queen Talin :)
[15:04] Suki Darkfold: **appause**

Congratulations to Y/you both... may Your Second Lives be filled with joy and love and happiness to stretch into and overcome Your real lives :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Submission of Fuzzy

Written and submitted for your amusement by Miss Vixen


  As you might know recently Governess Fuzzy resigned her position and asked me to assist her in rediscovering her submissive side and i was only too happy to help.  I wanted to make the events fun and humiliating and to make sure she understood that she would be taken to the edge (but not beyond it) in a series of events culminating with her cherry being taken in her sissy pussy.

   After establishing boundaries and making sure this was truly what she wanted, I planned out a series of events that would make sure that not an ounce of Dom would be left in her and she would truly embrace her reluctant sissy side and feel like she was a true maid and sissy slut even though her rp was that of not wanting this to happen.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beauty in Written Form

Last evening, Governess Zav returned to the Aya Mansion with a roar. In attendance were Governess Kara and Queen's Secretary Vixen.

Some of the Aya maids needed correcting as only Governess Zav in her "old school" way can deliver. And boy did she ever!

Junior Maid Anastasia was commanded by Governess Zav to write down why she must always kneel before an Aya Domme. She was given exactly 10 minutes to deliver a note card to the Dommes in attendance.

What resulted was a pleasant surprise. Maid Anastasia went beyond all expectation and produced what I believe is beautiful, poetic prose.

Please to enjoy...

Why I Must Kneel
by Aya Maid Anastasia

Governesses and Mistresses are special beings.
They take care of us sissies while we are under their wings.

They rule us,
and think for us. 

They only request in exchange
our respect and obedience to them.

And we have to show it spontaneously
and being conscious of
who are we and Who they are.

Showing our love to them.
Signaling our respect is essential
so the hierarchy is kept, and the differences clear.

For this reason, I must kneel in front of them.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Clowny Sissies In Love

Today is a day of celebration at Aya. Today, i get to marry my sweet love, my clowny sister, Head Maid and all around silly sissy girl, Twinkles Greymyst. This sissy couldn't be happier! My sister brings me so much joy with just her presence. She always brings me out of the 'dumps' when i'm feeling low. She makes me smile and grin and giggle and laugh, with only a few honks of that wonderful nose of hers. i love to simply be near her, sharing sexy love whispers, discussing the latest toy releases, watching fun videos together, playing online together as a gaming team,.... even just a quiet snuggle as we watch some tv together.

Since the day i met her... Twinks has been my rock. i have leaned on her strength and sat upon her support. This clown has shown me what it means to truly 'be there' for someone. She took it upon herself to make me feel welcome in my very first days as a full time member of Aya. She decided that i needed a friend (i did), and that she was going to try and relax me until i felt like i fit in (she did). She stayed by my side over and over until the jitters of being allone in a strange place finally passed. Even now... i know i can count on her to not leave me when i need a close frined, and... i dont even have to tell her.. she just knows.

She has gotten to know me, care for me, and accept me for who i am inside. She supports me no matter how dense or worked up i become. She is soft footed around my feelings and emotions, and yet, always honest and true. i can trust her. i can trust her opinion. i know she will never be mean or hurtful. i feel very very safe with her.

She is my best friend.

So today, after many trials, after much wait.... i get to finally walk the aisle with my bride. I am overjoyed, nervous, excited, and a tiny bit scared. However, i take solace in the fact that i know... no matter what happens, no matter how things go today.... by the end, we shall be partnered. And THAT.... will take any hardship away.

My soon-to-be-wife has shown me many things, opened my eyes in various ways, and shared multiple happinesses. But today... i get to show her how deep my love for her goes. Today we are married, partnered, joined together. Today my sister is no longer my girlfriend. Today my sister becomes my wife.

XOXO Princess Nickles T. C. Greymyst <3s Princess Twinkles T. C. Greymyst XOXO

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Standard Aya Welcoming Procedures....

not really... but hehe....

This is almost exactly how i was welcomed to the sim..... and the rest is history :)

100 Lindens to the first maid that correctly identifies who played the role of Pinkie Pie in SL (Entries only accepted in the comments below girls!)

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Sissy Interview: Miss Vixen

As part of a new ongoing feature.... may i present the first ever Aya Sissy Sanctuary Interview Post (yay!). This will be a way for visitors, members, new maids, and established Governesses alike to learn more about each other, what motives us, and find out where we 'come' from.

Our own Aya Bishop, the lovely Miss Vixen, was the first to get questions, answer them, and put up with this sissy's slow editing. If you have a suggestion on who you would like to be featured, then please.... IM me in world (Princess Nicolette Greymyst) and i will be glad to add your name to the list.

i hope to feature both Doms and subs in these entries.

Without further ado...

Miss Vixen Sakura

Mmmmm Hot Domina. Is it the ears? or the leather? or the glasses?
Q: Tell me about when You first knew that You were... different than the other girls.
A:    I knew was different as a female when i was 14. I saw a movie called 'Submission' and in it there is a scene where a woman is blackmailed into stripping in front of her store by her sadistic lover. When i saw that i had to masturbate about it.  Soon after that, I started experimenting with public nudity. I was no stranger to it - I was raised in the nudist lifestyle on Wreck Beach in Vancouver, Canada - but that was always nude with other nudists. When I started experimenting it was first streaking, then adding BDSM aspects.
    I would go to a park with cuffs and a lockable box and the key frozen in a milk jug. I would strip, put a sign on my neck that this was voluntary, put my clothes in the box, lock it, and then cuff myself. Sometimes I would cuff myself wrist to wrist, other times to a tree or fence. Then i would have to wait until the ice melted. This resulted in a few bad situations. One time I had under-estimated melting time and spent 4 hrs cuffed and naked. Another time i got found by the cops and had to explain myself.
    This only encouraged me towards continuing in the lifestyle rather than giving it up because I had the best  orgasms this way.

Q: How old are You? Have You lived the life in RL? How long?

A:    (As of this interview) I'm 25 and after experimenting with submission for 6 years, at 20 years of age, I met a delicious forty year old man on the beach. He was like a tanned god with a monster cock and of all things he signed (ed. note: sign language) not for any reason other than he thought it was cool! It was love at first sight for me and as it turned out he was a huge humiliation fetishist. He loved small penis humiliation, cfnm (clothed female, naked male), sissification, diapers (but not using them), water sports (me peeing on him etc). I spent 5 years being his Dom and learning the... um... 'ropes' so to speak. His experience made it easy, plus he had many friends that could teach me things - like how to female ejaculate and how to do needle play and just all sorts of stuff.

Q: What kind of struggles did You face?

A:    In RL I am deaf, and Domming with sign language is... um... cumbersome - but we made do, and coped. Also, our age difference; often we were perceived as father / daughter rather than boyfriend / girlfriend.
Q: Do you 'Domme' in RL?

A:    Yes for 5 years but only one slave. He had to give up the lifestyle. I have been without a RL slave for about three months.

Q: Any advice for a closeted sissy?

A:    Be friendly; Be courteous; Be inventive; Be proud; Be talkative without being a chatty kathy; Be a sharp dresser; And... don't try to hurry things.
    Don't be clingy; Don't be an asshole; Don't give up; Don't IM your Dom every ten minutes; And NEVER insult your Dom thinking that will give you more punishment.

Q: What originally brought You to SL? What was the attraction?

A:    My RL sissy slave found it when she was looking for an outlet when she had to give up the lifestyle in RL. She never expected there to be sims that supported sissies or such, and once he found it he called me. Four hours later I was on, and an hour after that I had my first owner.

Maid training at the whims of a sexy Schoolgirl!
Q: How did You find AYA?
A:    I went searching for a new home. I liked Domming sissies because the role play is much more versatile, and rewarding.  So I put sissy in my search and found AYA. When I arrived, Lady Elaine walked me through her Slave Port. I was impressed with the detail but I didn't know that AYA even existed since I only saw the Port and thought that was the entirety of the sim. Later, I found out more and came visiting. I got a wonderful tour of the grounds by one of the maids and got to talk to the Queen Herself. From that point it was easy to see this was the right place for me.

Q: How did You start with AYA? Any early 'growing pains'?

A:  I met with the Queen and several of the Doms. The Queen was so nice and very friendly, she asked me to fill out a Dom application but i was so busy at the time it took me a while to get to it plus I was worried I was too young but i finally got around to it. We eventually met on her balcony where we sat and talked.  My short itme in SL was a bit of a sticky wicket, but because of my domming at baby factory and my RL domming for 5 years, the Queen waived me on the minimum SL age rule.
    Growing pains? Oh my! Were there ever! It was like I was going to make every mistake in the book. I accidentally sent the Queen RL nudes of myself; I broke the rule about no domming non-maids in the AYA Mansion and i participated in a sissy clit measuring RP event while sitting on the thrones!
    I felt like the new employee that accidentally does everything wrong for the boss but Governess Jamie and several of the other Doms and all the maids forgave and excused my faux pas' and made me feel very welcome.
    I took a break for a time worried that if I was around I would get kicked out, having had so many mistakes. After a time I returned and was once again given the warmest welcome and have been here ever since. I had a sissy slave at that time who didn't like the time I was spending at AYA and gave me sort of an ultimatum - her or AYA and the choice was clearly AYA so I left her all for the best. Really,  she was not the right slave for me but we remain friends still.

Q: How did You move through the ranks?

A:    By doing my duties in a way the Queen would be proud and offering service in whatever needed doing. I wrote the first draft of the coronation ceremony. I made far fewer mistakes. I took on the role of AYA Bishop so someone could lead the ceremony and crown the Queen. I also offered advice in a cordial manner to the Queen as i was charged with giving Her good council by Her Herself
despite what some think, Talin is a fair ruler and listens to advice as long as you present reasons for the advice given.

i wanna walk over and greet Her, but She seems so bad-ass..... hehe, prolly why i'm interrested *giggles*
Q: Tell me one story about a maid that makes you laugh.
A:    There are many but I think Twinkles rainbow-colored-cum and its special properties that makes me laugh not only at the situation but also makes me laugh at Twinkles herself. I mean its funny that she is... um... so small down there, but to produce so much and to have it sometimes be an special type that can xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx (*) for 24 hrs really breaks me up each time I see her!
    (*) Clowny secrets redacted on account of terrorist threat

Q: Is it rewarding being a 'top'? Is it stressful?

A:    Oh very rewarding! To help better sissies, not only as maids but as people, and to make them make cummies is one of my favorite things. I mean, I am an odd Dom. I am in it to make sure everyone enjoys themselves, whether they are into humiliation or pain or none of the above, its all about enjoyment for me. If a sissy loves to be spanked, I spank. If a sissy loves to be castigated, then I do that. I dont care what they like but more that they communicate those likes to me so that I can make the best RP events for each and everyone of them.

    Sometimes its stressful because the slave doesn't understand how to be a slave. They think it is kneel and await orders, but the best slaves put them selves in jeopardy by admittance of naughtiness; by making sure I catch them; by detailing RP events on likes and boundary cards, that way I know that they desire an event and they know to IM me if I cross a boundary. This way everyone wins.

Q: You have a magic wand to change any one thing about SL that You want.... what one thing would You change?

A:    I would change the crappy scripting that exists on some items. I wish I could write a virus that goes through SL and fixes all the stuff so Dom and sub items integrate better. Also, it is very hard, almost impossible, to find a complete system that doesn't have some hole where an item should be. Many cover most, but none cover all. Tokon doesn't have a straight jacket, Cool doesn't have a pony set, etc, etc.

Q: How do You have You managed balance personal life with the burden of being responsible for Your sub(s) over the years?

A:    I try to cope as best I can. I'm very up front about what time I have and when I can be on and off. That ties into my kinder, gentler, more mature domming. When I want to reward a sissy slave, I IM them ask them if they want an event and how much time they have and what sort of events they like. Sure it breaks immersion momentarily, but it is easy to get back to it and then I rarely have to break immersion later, and I always ask at the end 'did you like it', "did I go too far', and 'what should I do better different next time.

Q: Where / How do You see AYA in the next 5 years?

A:    I see it growing stronger, gaining more duties for the maids, being more mature about the naughty stuff that happens, and overall improving the relationships between Doms and subs. There's a list of about 20 different activities that I want to develop, and of course re-opening Talians Club for dancing and RP events is one of the foremost on the list.
Q: What is Your vision of the ideal maid experience?

A:    I hope they find enough duties that they feel valuable to AYA, enough activities that they have fun, and enough Doms that they have enough domming, and enough mature honesty that I can structure RP events to make sure they have the best times ever in SL. When I make people happy I am happy and that is paramount to me.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Queen and Her Loyal Subjects

Some may know, our beloved Queen was recently away for some health issues. While we all know that this is necessary, and we all only want the best for Her Majesty.... in some small way... i know many of us were very selfishly missing Her and waiting for Her return eagerly.

She brings such joy to us all, we could hardly be blamed for wanting to be near Her again.

Once She was strong enough... the Queen was kind enough to come home once again and grace us. Some high points from Her visit...

All of us maids took great pride in being perfectly lined up for Her arrival. A formal kneeling maid is a happy maid. :)

Head Maid Stacy received the AYA Silver Medal of Service. HM Stacy is a huge role model to all of us. She is VERY dedicated to the life and times of Little England, always available for service to any Staff, and is so very helpful to all the maids. She almost never leaves the sim, and can almost always be found manning her post in the mansion, providing guidance and support to her fellow maids.

So, please if you see Stacy, congratulate her... if you are a sissy, there are few better to model yourself after. If You are Domme, i know she loves to be a good girl... give her the chance to show you.

Either way.. hehe.. come to Little England and visit us! We love to show new folks around... and if you are a bit confused, trying to find your way in this second life... let us help you... at AYA, sissies are protected, supported, loved, and cared for. Maybe you will find an Owner, maybe you will find a friend, most of us? we find a home.

Sexy Fun Times at AYA Mansion!

Now i bring to you, for your veiwing pleasure (*wink).....

Mina and Mouse... Get It On!!

(Pics Courtesy of Miss Vixen)

sissies love performing for their Mistress

Just to make sure she won't get away... as if she'd want to... hehehe

So would like like to perform for a Mistresses ejoyment, while over looking a pretty view? Maybe you prefer to kneel and watch, ready for cleanup duty? What ever your particular peccadilloes are.... AYA Sissy Sanctuary has a place for you!

Please come on by, take a tour, visit the shops, or just hang out... meet our Queen, or any of the regular Dommes who visit everyday. This sissy would love to pass you a membership application, new members always make my day!

Monday, August 13, 2012

May i Present... Queen Talin the First!

Since the day she received the title of AYA Queen, my dear Mommy Talin wanted a coronation. She is English and loves her queen, so it seemed normal to everyone that she would deserve a big British coronation, like her model the Queen Elizabeth the first.

Such an amazing event... a first for AYA, and we couldn't be happier
At first, planning progressed slowly as she fought the devil. Fortunately, She was able to return to us, just in time for my wedding to my dear sissy wife, Raven. Rather than wait for us, Mummy Talin eventually decided to organise it by herself, as is her way (*smiles*). 
Soon, Friday the 10th of August at 9PM GMT (UK time), in the marvelous cathedral Miss Dolly created, a crowd waited as the Queen, her consort Miss Rusty Mocha, her entourage (composed of her four daughters Raven, Stacy (me), Nicolette and Twinkles), and Matron Princess Alexis prepared for the big moment. 
All the guests were dressed so pretty!

With “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” in the air, the Queen and her escort walked into the main wing of the cathedral, maids kneeling along the sides and all the guest standing respectfully. At the end, the AYA Bishop Vixen waited until the Queen was kneeing in front of her, as the ceremony began. 
Get a good look maids, hehe, this is probably the only time you shall ever see such a sight!
It was a ceremony full of emotion and love as one after another, the highest members of AYA stood next to the their Queen as she stated her oaths.
Crown Princess Alexis and Senior Miss Kara were so wonderful in their roles during the ceremony.
Eventually, she was officially crowned by Governess Zavoda, presented the talismans of leadership by Miss Dolly, followed by Miss Rusty presenting to the crowd: Queen Talin the First!
A Queen is crowned

Her Scepter and Orb of Royalty, symbols of Her right to rule

Long Live the Queen!
After a beautiful firework display, we finished the evening at the basement of the AYA Mansion with a little ball. It was beautiful to see everyone with fancy dresses and our Queen thanking everyone personally. I was happy to meet my niece Daffy for the first time, daughter of my clowny sister Twinkles.
My thoughts of all of this now that the build-up is over: I am very happy it happened, Mummy Talin deserved it a lot, and I was very excited, as were my three sisters about this coronation. Of course, we were afraid that people would not take it seriously, but they were all perfect, the maids, the guests, the Mistresses and of course Queen Talin. I hope it will be a sign of a new start at AYA, with all the wonderful people.

Thank you everyone who attended to this unique event, especially Mommy. I love you, I could never say it enough. 

AYA BSDM Head Maid
Stacy Greymyst


i couldnt let this entry finish without showing the pretty dresses Her Royal Highness provided for all of Her girls...

Such a pretty group of good girls!
Not the best pic (was from the practice) but here you can see the dresses for Her Majesty's Entourage (the four maid daughters). We are in the two groups to either side of the throne, all in matching red :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love at AYA

Today I marry Stacy Greymyst, a wedding that I certainly have fantasized about having four a long time, getting to be a bride, wearing a gown, having all the little bells and whistles that I yearned for when I was married in Real Life.  
Yes I did sneak a fitting in my own wifes wedding gown. It was just too hard to resist.  
I can't begin to tell you how many years, or how many times I would drive by bridal shops and just stare into the windows.  Dreaming of the day I would get to be a bride myself.  Well I might not get to physically wear a dress today, but I do get to feel what it is like.  What it is like to look stunning, what it is like to be with someone you love and make a commitment. 
Shhh.  Don't tell my real wife.  She'll never understand.  
I just hope that everyone gets to realize a fantasy or dream whenever they have the opportunity.  I want to thank my Second Life Love Stacy for being a good soul and I will always be her best friend.  Thanks to AYA for making today possible.  All my love to my family at AYA.
i think i speak for A/all of the AYA family, close and extended, when i say congratulations to my sisters, Raven & Stacy. Two beautiful, wonderful maids, friends, and sisters. W/we wish you all the happiness in the world!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Raven's Corner

Presenting her Royal Highness Talin Greymyst, Long Live The Queen!

I've been role playing for a long time in Second Life.  Always searching for the right person to collar me, make me their own. 

Something about giving oneself to another person is truly a thrill.  I've encountered many souls who endlessly press the restart button to live over and over there desire to be transformed from a bruting male to a whimpering sissy.  I've even hit that reset button myself on occasion.  As Raven I have over he last two years built quite an adventure and a family.  Just meeting many wonderful people out there in the world who willingly become a participant in what is my ever developing story.

A lot of love, a lot of tears, and a lot of sex!

AYA has been a wonderful home for me over the last several months, and I can honestly say there hasn't been a soul involved that I have not connected with in a positive way.  Well almost.  Eventually our personalities show thru and your bound to rub someone the wrong way.  At AYA I have found happiness that really has made me excited about being on Second Life.  A family, Friends, and people that enjoy the submissive and dominant lifestyle.  A lot of laughs, and some drama too.  But above all else Love.

Love that carries from the essence of Talin.  Someone I would hope everyone appreciates as much as I do.  There are many people to thank in AYA for building and maintaining a space for us to be welcome and live the fantasies we all hold dear to our hearts.

A cast of many..you all know who you are.  You have my gratitude.

Love Raven.

Please Welcome the (New) Head Governess!

We are very pleased and excited to announce that former Governess Jamie Fourneau  has been promoted to Head Governess, by former Head Gov Herself, Talin Greymyst.

Head Governess Jamie brings a long history of service to AYA, and is frequently found canoodling with Her wife, the wonderful Miss Kara, when not making sure the maids are kept busy that is. Head Governess is kind, yet strict... in the AYA tradition. Her commanding presence demands respect, yet every kneel, every footkiss is certainly earned.

This blogger's short experiences with Her have always been fun. It is obvious that She cares deeply for AYA and what it stands for... and what it means to all of U/us who frequent the mansion. She is frequently on SIM and is very welcoming to all maids, new and experienced.

So... big Congratulations to our new Head Governess. May She guide AYA to a successful, viable, and loving future.


But... "what of the former Head Governess," you ask?

Governess Talin has new challenges in Her RL that have been taking Her attentions. It has become increasingly difficult for the Governess to (properly) fill the role that She held with such honor. This may have been Her biggest challenge: how to continue to help all the members of AYA Sissy Sanctuary, how to continue to make Little England the premier SIM for sissy life in all of Second Life, how to give this place Her all (as She has always done), and still meet the difficulties of RL head on.

With a heavy heart... Governess Talin choose Governess Jamie to become the new Head Governess. Having known Governess Jamie for years, She knew She was making the right choice for U/us.

However, this left Governess Talin dismayed, feeling as if She no longer had a place, a role, She was ready to leave forever. This blogger had a hard time reading the chat through her crying eyes... and i was not the only one....

At once, W/we were witness to the first decree of new Head Governess Jamie... Governess Talin was respectfully asked to remain, as our Queen. In many ways similar to the monarchy in the UK, She is to remain a resident of the mansion, of the SIM, and continued to be loved, and have the ability to love all of U/us back. And this way.... maybe, our Queen can focus on the other life She leads, but none shall be without Her guidance and Love... and W/we still have the opportunity to Love Her back.

Thank You for remaining with U/us, W/we take comfort in Your presence.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sharing is Caring

A submission from own own Senior Maid Raven:

When Nico asked me to write for the Aya Blog, I thought to myself just what could I possibly contribute that would help my sisters get a glimpse inside the mind of Sissy like me?  Then I realize aren't we all pretty much the same.  I've been addicted to dress since the young age of thirteen years old.  Almost immediately attached the tempting fate of wearing articles of girls clothes at times I was at risk of being caught.  I crossdressing/thrill seeking game where I would take girls clothing and set out to a outdoor location and change out of my male clothes and into something I borrowed from my mother, or stole from the lost and found bin at the Junior High School. 
I would wear my mothers tights and leotard under my clothes and set out from the house around 10:00 P.M. in the suburbs almost everyone was home
not many people out.  An occasional car, maybe someone taking the dog out for a walk, but almost always quiet.  I would walk a few blocks and find some bushes and remove my boy clothes, and just wear my mothers exercise outfit.  So tight against my young body already feeling my little cock get nice and hard straining against the material.  The goal was simple; get home and dont get caught.  As I would timidly dash home, hiding behind trees, and parked cars.  In my mind I was processing an excuse in my mind, what I would say to someone if they had seen me.  Each time I thought of using the story that I was playing strip poker with some friends, and the girls won.  They made me wear these home..it was my only option.  I figured hey someone might buy that story.  Problem was...the excitement was so great..I always soaked myself in cum.  That would of been hard to explain.
I have been dressing up now for 32 years, these days, I am open to a select group of family and friends.  I like to share stories and certainly love new challenges.  Seems I am more a sissy now than ever before.  Always looking for the fulfillment of that fantasy which I have alwasy dreamed of. 
More important I hope to contribute more that helps others feel more comfortable with who they are.  As hard as we try we want to believe we can be loved for who we are.  That is something possible.  So always be positive.  Until next time sissies.
This is Raven signing out.

Thank you very much Raven. i know for myself... knowing that others have similar experiences and feeling is a HUGE help with dealing with my sissy life and cravings. 

Sharing is scary... but very welcome and appreciated. Thank you hun for giving of yourself in this way.

Anyone who would like to contribute is more than welcome, please contact either myself (nicolette Greymyst, or Bubbles Greymyst) in world. 


Friday, May 25, 2012

What is AYA to me?

I've been struggling with this post for a while now. Taking a few moment tonight to review my own blog... i realize i've already addressed this. THIS is my AYA:

my Home... and Safe Place... AYA

Once upon a time i was lost.

Discouraged, alone, beaten down by the cruelty of others... i was... ready to quit being a sissy.

Then, i found Love and acceptance. Funny how what is most needed can sometimes come at the lowest point. She comforted me, nurtured me, Love me. Then She took me to Little England

Little England is a sim (or... country if you will) in the virtual world of Second Life. It is home to many cool attractions, and i will be sure to post more about them in the future. The one i want to discuss today is AYA Sissy Sanctuary. my Princess and i used to occasionally work there as a DJ / Host combo for the parties and dance events held.

There i met many more like myself... and quite a few like Her. All of the members seemed so very happy in their servitude... although.. i must admit.. it DID seem confusing at times, soo many subs, all obviously following the same rules at once.. but yet.. they all seemed so content. There were sissies and fembois, nekos and clowns, shemales and herms... and many more. There were Governesses and Mistresses, and Sirs, and Dommes of all types. It was obvious they operated under a blanket of love... it seemed right in line with the relationship Princess and i enjoyed... love between all members... an extended family in every sense... mutual respect between Top and bottom... rules and discipline, but compassion and comfort as well. my visits there were always fun... and intriguing as well

When She had to leave me.... She told me to return there. She knew i needed guidance.. and She trusted the Governess to treat me well.

THAT was the single greatest thing She ever did for me.

At AYA i have been welcomed and loved. From the beginning, even though most had no memory of my previous visits (there was a couple of months where Princess and i stopped working due to real life issues), i was accepted and nutured. Not just from my fellow maids and sisters, but also from Dommes i had never met. The warm embrace of love was able to heal my pain and comfort me when i needed it the most. I found a true family, sisters and nieces, friends and compatriots, i found my new love, and fiance' Twinkles... and of course, i found my Mommy.

The will be posts to follow regarding my AYA experiences... but now... i encourage you to visit their new blog... and perhaps.. take a chance.. and come visit us in world....  i will be glad to give a tour of the Mansion or the entire sim... me and my fellow maids are here for Y/your assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.
The original post can be found here.

AYA Sissy Sanctuary. It seems self evident. However, i have learned that it means more than just a safe haven.

It is Family.
It is Acceptance.
It is Love.
It is Respect.
It is Discipline.
It is Fun.
It is

It is where a boy can be a sissy, and a sissy can be a nekko, and a nekko, can be a clown, and a clown can be an Angel.

It is a place where the desire to be a girl, to be feminized, to cross dress or just exist as the transgendered being you are... will be welcomed and appreciated.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


As of Friday(April 20th), things have really picked up. For starts Congratulations to the following people. Firstly Governess, Cat Flaks, she was recently promoted from Mistress, to a Governess! So please send her your congrats!, Second Head Governess Talin, celebrated her Birthday over the weekend to a very happy crowd of Aya folk! Thirdly, please Welcome Back Governess Zavoda, into the Governesses Chair, she recently rejoined us, from a brief hiatus from Aya.

As of Tuesday(April 23rd), we have a new Mistress! Please if you see her, Welcome Lady Abigail, to the staff!

We will slowly be updating this blog all the time so please look for that!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

*smiles* Greetings Gorvernesses, Misses, Sirs, and subs of all types!


Welcome to AYA Sissy Sanctuary's new blog. W/we hope that this will be a way of not only distributing information about AYA to those who may not know U/us... but perhaps this can also be a forum for discussion, a place to post public essays and have meaningful discussion of what it means to be sissy or submissive in general.

PLEASE, leave any ideas or suggestions in the comments area. All ideas are welcome... any volunteers to write a post are always desired, a few lines, a few pages, a pic or two... maybe a link to another page... what ever content Y/you would like to contribute... please inform the webmaster(s) (hehehe - shouldn't that be... 'websubmissives'??)

Leaving a comment on a post or in the guestbook is the BEST way of sending information to U/us... as there are a few people who will be maintaining this site. Although if you like... Y/you may also contact us directly in world - Nicolette Greymyst and Bubbles Livy Greymyst being the primary contacts.