Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dr. Jekyll or Miss. Hyde, Who is she?

She is the only person that in AYA is seen by those who know her as Dr. Jekyll, for those who do not know her as Miss Hyde. I confess that after our first contact, I hated her. With living, what I felt for her completely changed and discovered that Miss Hyde is just a mask.

I cannot say that I love, but learned to admire and respect her. A person that believes in her opinions, strong temperament, but while always willing to listen to other opinions. Not afraid of that dialogue can change your opinion.

In this interview, Governess Zav opens her heart for our readers.

 We start discovering how the Zav's eyes see the Governess Zav

Now Zav in sl has been around for a while this is my second av the first one ended as an emotional disaster. I have been around the grid for about 5 and half years in all and tried many different things. I even ran a Maternity clinic once which was fun .. I’ve been a Gorean and I’ve run and owned family role play Sims among lots of other things. . I enjoy doing everything SL has to offer and am quite a Business woman when I put my mind to it.. Now Zav I like to think of as very confident.. Just as I am in the real world she’s a woman who knows what she wants and is willing to give her all to get it. She’s fun to be around I hope but does have a tendency to go quiet sometimes . Just because she likes to listen to other people
However she is quite an emotional girl deep down and will cry sometimes inside. Yes she does have a softer side. I have tried to live my SL life to the max so to speak and will try  new things.. She’s also quite spontaneous  and will just jump on a table and dance on it .. Just for the hell of it

Their paths led to AYA

I came to AYA about  early 2010 or there about..Just kinda passing through . Looking around seeing new things.. I must admit the AYA thing was not what I was looking for . I was never much into the BDSM scene . But happened to chance upon it in a completely unrelated search. I found it on the second incarnation . And met a few real nice people . So decided to hang around for a while

Now AYA was in its early stages of its next incarnation...and I enjoyed the organization . As I said being quite the Business woman I liked order and the old AYA certainly had plenty of it. . I met some people there who are still very much a big part of my SL life even now. And I will always hold them in my heartvery fondly..

So, I eventually Met Tonie and we kinda hit it off straight away . Mainly because in some ways we was very different but the same...She liked her powerful domm type you will do what I say when I say it. And me I was shall we say more a little softer but still got what I wanted. Now that doesn’t mean I can’t be a dom . But what it meant was I had different methods. .
So I became a Mistress and started like that . I got to know many who came in and out of the doors. And story’s I can tell .. I even married off one of the maids to a passing fella which was quite funny ... but .. The marriage never lasted. . The Party’s we use to have were awesome..

Music is part of your life

I’ve been a dj in SL on 2 avs for over 4 years now. . It all started with a guy I was seeing a long time ago . He was a dj in SL and was happy to teach me... so I went and got the software I needed and djed at my own club plus a few others.. At first I never ever voiced while I was a dj mainly because my Voice wasn’t up to it. . But since I started speech therapy I think it’s progressed a long way. . As most of you know around the mansion with me on voice ..Once I start talking it’s a task to get me to stop . . So anyway . I now progressed into a sort after dj  I even get clubs now asking me to come and work for them rather than me looking for work . Which is a nice position to be in

She is equal to everyone, loves, is loved and has a family

Well my Personal family started with Amy and Jamie. They both found their way to AYA like little lost souls...  I have both had them as my daughters since then . Amy as well as being my daughter is one of my Best friends also . We have been through a lot together Amy has heard me Laugh and listened to me cry and I know Amy will always stand by me and will always call me Mom.. One day we will  meet up as she’s promised me a proper slap up meal at the Savoy hoteland she is not getting out of it I think she will always call me Mother . And I’m more than happy to be Amy’s Mother till the end... Now Jamie believe it or not started out as a maid.... She had a Mistress who  had to leave sl. Her old Mistereses Name was Miss Michaela Cheri and she had to leave in a bit of a rush. This Mistress asked me to look after her.. And I’ve done that ever since. Now she’s a Governess. But in the beginning I had to teach her many things Not just about the scene but also many of the basics in sl. But we always managed to have a fun while doing it. I love both my daughters and will always be there for them in both worlds if they need me

Zav and Queen Talin

I met tallie at a club once upon a time. I’m not gonna say too much about where it was but . She kind of knew me through my reputation...Needless to say we got talking and hit it off from there. Did you know people use to call me the wicked witch of the South behind my back because I was apparently quite a strict Lady to be around... Ok so . I eventually took Talin over to AYA I think I was a Governess By then along with Tonie. And Talin I think enjoyed it very much . And Continued as a Mistress for quite some time. before the day when me and Tonie talked and i convinced her Talie is a great asset and would be a fantastic person to have at aya. Me and Talin always talked together and more importantly knew how to have a joke. We kind of bounced off each other  so it made a good friendship which eventually led to being a sisterhood. I have a few people I call Sister in SL . But none quite like Tallie she has been my longest and Loyal Sister . We had some bad times a few arguments and a few tears along the way . But I will tell you something I know if I ever have a problem she would be the first one to help me in a dark time . And I know she cares deeply about me as I do about her.

I’m hoping to one day get to meet her in real and I tell you what. We are going to have such a laugh.

She seem me a very funny person in SL  and a natural Leader too.

Yes she’s always been a strong one.. I remember a long time ago. Someone wanted to collar her.. And let’s just just say for them it did not end to well . Talin has never been a sub to anyone and has always had a mind of her own. Its not in her nature and i can 100% vouch for that. Must be a family trait.

Everybody dreams, here too, Whats yours?

Reality in one word. What you see with me is what you get. I talk in the mansion as many of you know am me.Some people ask me why do i use Voice. The simple answer to that is . I have no problem with being who i am. and im just an awful typer. so im looking for a PA save me typing at all . I don’t play a role and I don’t try to be something I am not. I have this dream that someday I would like to meet someone fall in love and then live happy ever after in the real world... if it happens then great if it don’t then that’s just fate. But in a more present perspective. My goal is to live and laugh and enjoy the company of my friend’s family and all of those around me. I have a few favorite maids here . Even if I’m not supposed to have favorites. And would love to actually meet them. See My SL and RL line is very blurred. .But that just comes out of me being myself..But like I’ve emphasized my ultimate present goal is just to be happy and try to make those around me feel happy and glad they know me.

Thank you Marta. It’s how I am .I’m open as a book and honest with everyone . If I don’t like something I’ll say it . I would rather be like that than not tell a truth just to make someone happy.

I'll tell you a secret, our first contact I hated you, but when I meet you best I completely changed.

Hated me

Our first contact was at cock inspection, LOL

and you don’t hate me now?

no, I don’t say that I love you but I like you

LOl.. well that’s to be expected then.. I can be a nice as pie or I can be a hard arse.. I do come over as full on sometimes. but as I said I do have a much softer side to.

Here in SL. What makes you lose your mind?

Ignorance. Stupidity. Narrow mindless. , and people who think they know it all...I’m always attracted to intelligence in a big way . always have been..... oh and one thing that does make me mad is Discrimination. I don’t know how many people know this but I am A Transsexual. which means I live full time as a Woman in that real world we speak of/ and nothing makes me angrier than Bigots.. I was discriminated against once at a club in sl I wanted to work for  and I have never forgotten it .. that’s what gets me Angry

Fortunatly i dont have to put up with it in the real world as i never have a problem with discrimantion. well so far anyway then  I live as a woman and im percieved to all as a woman.

But I will tell you something quite ironic Marta, that particular club later on asked me to come and work for them as now I have quite a reputation in SL as a good dj .. this was after they gave me the job and then fired me because of my gender....yes they then came crawling  asking me to work for them and you know what I told them . to sum up .. it was a case of Kiss my lily white British arse

You like Leave a message or say something more?

I would like to say . I love AYA.. I love the people . I love the diversity. I love the fun we have and I love the things we stand for.. I am so glad I am still part of it all and It will always give me pleasure to be part of it... I have had disagreements in the past as many know I even left once. because of the way things were.  But I was overwhelmed by the messages of support. and the petition . .I honestly wasn’t going to come back then . Some seemed to think I wanted AYA back to how it was but that was not my intention it has evolved from that. But what I didn’t want to see was it being swept away by drama and things I see as bad for AYA... However the support I got asking me to come back I had to . I couldn’t leave it and from there I feel my bonds with the other senior staff have grown much more into a positive working relationship. I would really like to say to all of you thank you for being part of it. it is a fantastic community regardless if it’s a sanctuary or not. we have the best people here and us.
will continue to have the best.

By Marta
Revised by Zav


  1. I really enjoyed reading this article and getting to know a bit about Governess Zav. She's one of the people who helped me go from being terrified I'd slip up and be sent away to realizing there were people in charge who were understanding when honest mistakes were made. I'm really enjoying learning to be a maid at AYA and getting to know all the awesome people there. :)

  2. "In this interview, Governess Zav opens his heart for our readers."
    it should read "her heart"

    I love Governess Zav she is awesome, her and my Mother, the Queen are cornerstones of Aya and what makes it great !

    1. Thank you M'Lady corrected
      Hugs andd Kiss

  3. yes Governess Zav may come across as rough but I feel it is because she has a hard time standing for nonsense

    ask people like Maid Jade, Zav has been hard on her numerous times in the past but Jade respects and loves her

  4. I am soooo glad our petition worked Aya would just not seem like Aya without Governess Zav

    I will always support Zav

  5. Governess Zav, in a short amount of time, I have gained an intelligent, funny, and wonderful friend. I am somewhat naturally introverted, and well, um, you are not! :), so it took some time.

    This interview was awesome and it confirms what I have learned from experience. You are to be respected, and you make a wonderful friend. You are a lovely person.



  6. Fantastic interview, I am so plassed you did this Marta and Zav. I urge everyone to get to know this amazing person. I am proud to call her my Sister. Love you zavilicious. XXXXX

  7. Oh my...Remembering my first inspection with Governess Zav...I will never forget how nervous I was..."you maids don't say a word even if little Jesus appears in the room" still rings in my head;)
    The more you will get to know Governess Zav, the more you going to like her. This is a great interview indeed. Kisses!

  8. Wonderful interview!
    I may admit my first stump with Governess Zav was not the best. But along my time at Aya I saw she is a fair and wonderful person. I'm glad these lines allowed me to know a bit of her.
    Sends a big hug to all,

  9. Thank you for your Insight into me it seems the others do not have.
    Im so glad you took the time to share your views.
    But i will say this.
    Let My Friends the Maids and Mistresses Who i help Judge me.
    Let the deeds i have done for others. perhaps they can be my judge.
    You may not like i speak as i find but I would rather be me than just put on a face of someone im not.
    Some may not like me but I know many feel my compassion and know Beneath the shell I am a human being.
    So i ask for you all to be my inquisitor if you wish to in your own minds and view my deeds that i have done for you and happiness and laughter i have perhaps brought to you.

    1. I love you Zav , and I will always support you

      this dark side business is nonsense, it is just that you are no nonsense

      I personally think you are awesome

    2. you just ask Made Jade

      Governess Zav has had to deal with Jade numerous times in the past sometimes harshly

      yet Jade still loves her and thinks she is awesome

  10. well i don't usually comment or post in the blog, but this time I am going to. I know Zav pretty well and have lent her a shoulder to cry on a few times. There is nobody in Aya I am more proud to call a friend, (except maybe my other sister , Talin) Yes, Zav has a style that is totally different to mine, but so what?
    Diversity should be one of the things Aya is about, within its rules.

    What I do however find rather unpleasant are personal uncalled for attacks in public, comments which if they are to be made at all, should have been in private.

    Kaninah, i am so disappointed in you, that was so so petty, and so uncalled for. you really should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. I absolutely agree, Zav is not perfect yes she has flaws just like anyone else, but she has worked hard for Aya since the beginning and she DOES care

  11. who of us are perfect? Zav and I have known each other for years and we have had a few run in ins and fights, but we look to the bigger picture. I still respect her for who she is, this maybe SL but we are still real people behind the AV. Kaninah I find you public attacks a slight on Aya and one of its fionest members. You have the right to your opinion but this is more than unacceptable. A warning to you all, I will NOT tolorate this kind of thing at AYA OR here on the blog. This WILL be dealt with! Queen Talin.

  12. Holding a position of power is never easy, you will have to make unpopular decisions... we all have different ways of doing things, thats is our strength as a comunity

    you have my support Zav,
    Celly Snow

  13. Bottom line is, we can all have our opinions and may not see eye to eye on everything. You are welcome to speak your mind and debate your position.

    Free speech is one thing but we will not tolerate ad hominem attacks (that means personal) on any Aya member.

    Thank you.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. thank you for those words Kaninah

    I hope you find a place where you fit in and are happy