Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Voyage Through the Tudor Dynasty

Who takes us on this journey is Aya Queen’s Maid Lady Kathy Greymyst of Breda; mainly a servant to her Majesty Queen Talin Greymyst and Counselor of Aya Maids, Subs and Friends.

She defines herself as an "amateur historian". Her admiration for Queen Elizabeth I began as a child, and around the age of 12 or 13, she saw the tomb of Queen Elizabeth I in Westminster Abbey. “I was absolutely astonished”.

Her interest is in English and European History, particularly during the transition from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance and the Tudor Dynasty.

Lady Kathy’s Tudor Seminar covers the History of the Tudors from 1485, beginning with Henry Tudor’s victory at Bosworth’s Field and his crowning as King Henry VII, to 1603, the death of Queen Elizabeth I. The seminar offers some stories and interesting events in that period of history.

The original idea was to educate the Greymysts in Tudor History, but anyone from Aya could come if they wanted. "Queen Talin knew I would enjoy teaching about the Tudors."
She has already completed two sessions at Castle Agincourt, but she plans to have more. In her seminar, she tells stories like these:

“When Henry VIII was thrown from his horse and trampled on, legend has it at the same time Anne Boleyn miscarried a baby boy.”

“Queen Talin herself is a scholar of Queen Elizabeth I and the Tudors”, said Lady Kathy Greymyst of Breda. “She probably knows everything worth knowing about the Tudors.”

Thank you Lady Kathy Greymyst of Breda for this interview, I'm anxious to see this seminar at the earliest opportunity.

“The man who does not know his past is doomed to make the same mistakes again.”
Marta Mars, from Blog newsroom to Aya’s Blog

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  1. Thank you so much, Miss Marta, for the wonderful interview! And thank you Your Majesty for your blessing in letting me offer a History of the Tudors.
    Lady Kathy Greymyst

  2. It keeps getting better Marta! Great work. Thanks Kathy for al the hard work I hope to attend soon.



  3. Thank you for an enchanting and lovely seminar, sis. I enjoyed it so much! :))
    Your Kaninah

  4. This is a great post, Marta! And I really enjoyed Kathy's seminar, great job to both of you!