Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Inexcusable What I Did

I did not say a word about the touching gift that gave us Solen

Please forgive me Sis

Marta Mars

This musical performance was also very exciting. You are a great artist. Thank you very much

We take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended our wedding.

And those who could not come but thought about our happiness

Many thanks for all

Marta & Mikki Mars
By Marta


  1. Replies
    1. Marta, you are and remain my sister even thought you became an Aya mistress. This was just a little way to show you and Mikki how much I love you both.

    2. Be a sister it's not a title. Is a feeling that two people have for each other regardless of any social position. You along with some other sisters will always be sister for me.

      Even if I am naked, upside down, under water, at night, in the dark, cold and whistling a samba.:)

      I love you sis, thanks again

  2. Besides love, forgiveness is the most important thing was can give someone else.