Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beauty in Written Form

Last evening, Governess Zav returned to the Aya Mansion with a roar. In attendance were Governess Kara and Queen's Secretary Vixen.

Some of the Aya maids needed correcting as only Governess Zav in her "old school" way can deliver. And boy did she ever!

Junior Maid Anastasia was commanded by Governess Zav to write down why she must always kneel before an Aya Domme. She was given exactly 10 minutes to deliver a note card to the Dommes in attendance.

What resulted was a pleasant surprise. Maid Anastasia went beyond all expectation and produced what I believe is beautiful, poetic prose.

Please to enjoy...

Why I Must Kneel
by Aya Maid Anastasia

Governesses and Mistresses are special beings.
They take care of us sissies while we are under their wings.

They rule us,
and think for us. 

They only request in exchange
our respect and obedience to them.

And we have to show it spontaneously
and being conscious of
who are we and Who they are.

Showing our love to them.
Signaling our respect is essential
so the hierarchy is kept, and the differences clear.

For this reason, I must kneel in front of them.