Friday, August 9, 2013

Melanie Sands the newest AYA Trainee Maid

Today Governess Zav gave swore in another AYA’s Trainee Maid

Malanie Sands (MelanieSands)

Trainee Maid Malanie Sands

Biography: I'm a submissive guy that is getting used to the idea that slowly I'll have no choice but to wear panties like a woman.
Maybe some hypnosis would make it a little easier for me to accept.
Looking for that woman that will help me make the tough transition into wearing her clothes.

Maid Malanie words to AYA’s  Family

I'm so excited to have been admitted
I feel great. I'm so excited. So far everyone I've met have been absolutely wonderful

Rezz Day: April 17,  2013

Well come to AYA’s Family Trainee Maid Robin

By Marta
Reporter Tawni


  1. All the best wishes, was very nice to meet you:)

  2. Welcome Sis it was great to see you become a trainee

  3. welcome to the family you will be one of the girls in no time

  4. You are not sister of Princess Leona dear?

    welcome to Family