SO... you want to apply to be a sissy maid at AYA? There are some things you MUST do first.

1. Read the rules! While you don't have to memorize them (at first), be prepared to be quizzed.
2. Answer the application questions below, paste them into a notecard to pass to an AYA member.

All Applicants will be notified of application reception. If You do not get an IM confirming your applications receipt within 72 hours of handing it over, then you must come to the SIM in person and speak directly with a Governess.



***General Rules***

1. Aya is a sanctuary for Sissies, She-males and everything in between. 

2. We do not discriminate against Furries or Nekos or for that matter anyone.

3. All are welcome in the Mansion, Dance Club and Slave port. We do however have a number of private residences; please respect their right to privacy. These areas are clearly marked and are out of bounds to Visitors without an Invite.

4. No-one is to enter the Palace in the Northeast corner of the Sim without express permission of Queen Talin Greymyst.

5. The Queen is in charge of this Sim, period, end of discussion.

6. We obey the Queen we never cause her drama and we make her time as our Queen as easy as possible. She doesn't take shit and we never betray her! Follow that and you will always be welcome here! Break it and you will be out on your ass !

7. The Aya Oracle Kori Ellisson is in charge of the security and maintenance of this Sim and is authorized to use any means necessary to ensure the safety of this Sim and all souls within. Incur her wrath at your own peril!

8. Aya is run by the Queen and the Head Governess (who runs Aya when Queen is busy or not available) and the Governesses and the Queen's Lady in Waiting
Queen Talin Greymyst, Head Governess Kara Love, Governess Zavod Solo,, Governess Jane (sinjane), Governess Vixen (myphanwhey),
and Lady in Waiting Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst

The above in order of Seniority starting with the Queen will have the final say in all matters. When the Queen or a Governess is not available, a designated Aya Officer or Mistress will act on their behalf.

9. The maid staff is run by the Matron Princess Stacy Greymyst who answers to the above mentioned in Rule 8. The Head Maids are under her and so are the maids.

10. A maid must kneel when instructed to by AYA senior staff (the ones Matron level and above).

11. Everyone will be addressed by their proper title unless permission is given otherwise.
        Titles are very very important here.
        Please use the correct title when addressing.
        The Queen will never ever be called Miss!
        Maids, Subs, Slaves, and Pets do not need a title

12. Everyone is to be treated respectfully. Treat everyone as you yourself would wish to be treated and even better if possible.

13. Visitors and Staff must not be nude unless instructed to be or given permission to be. People and Furries and Pets will be given exceptions to this rule on a case by case basis.

14. No Weapons are allowed, i.e., Guns, Knives, etc. (Whips, canes, and crops are not considered weapons.)

15. Child Avatars (those who are short and without adult curves or act childlike or dress childlike) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!
        If you appear to be of this type by anyone in this Sim you will be asked to amend yourself appropriately.         if you have Any comment in you profile about being under age!
        If you refuse, you will be ejected and banned. This also means NO AGE PLAY. Any Mistress or sub entering into age play will be banned.

16. All play must be consensual! This means BOTH parties agreeing to be in the situation they are in. A "No" from any parties is to be respected. Forced sex will NOT be tolerated at Aya. AYA will abide by the guidelines of "Risk-aware consensual kink (RACK)".For more information on RACK please visit:

17. No Bloodlines activity is to take place without the express permission from the Queen or a Governess. This means strictly no biting.

18. Maids are under instruction to show any guest or Visitor around the buildings and will be polite and courteous at all times. Our Maids are NOT prostitutes; please do not think that they are here to be used for your pleasure.

19. No financial domination is practiced at AYA. If we hear of this rule being ignored the perpetrator will be ejected and banned with no right of appeal.

20. No one is to touch the thrones especially the middle one, unless you have earned the right to do so!

21. No playing in the Medical Clinic unless permission granted from an Aya Medical Staff.

22. Guests are not allowed to use any sexual equipment in the Mansion. This includes any sexual activity between guests and members.

23. Please do not teleport on top of someone please be respectful and walk up to them

24. This Sanctuary is officially drama free. So leave it at the door.

25. The chief builder and bog cleaner and gin taster Miss Dolly (maidyuk axel) is to be without panties (if she ever wears any) and our gin protected in locked cabinets from her.

26. Have fun!

Whew! Thank you for taking the time to read these rules and remember Aya is here for you to enjoy, so please do.


***Rule for Maids***

If you wish to become an AYA maid, please complete the Aya Maids Application.

Send your completed form to anyone Matron level or above ( Queen Talin Greymyst, Head Governess Kara Love (Kara Walworth), Governess Zavod Solo, Governess Vixen (myphanwhey), Governess Jane (sinjane), Lady in Waiting Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst (sissyalex starship) or Matron Princess Stacy Greymyst (femboistacy))

ONLY the Queen or a Governess may grant you maid status. 

We do ask for a donation from anyone wishing to become a maid, to assist in the upkeep of the Sim  but this is not compulsory and will not be asked for but will be appreciated.

1. A maid's uniform must be immaculate and include an apron and a cap and a collar
        One must wear an approved uniform when on duty unless given specific permission otherwise
        One must always wear an Aya approved collar
        One must never accept or wear a non-Aya approved collar
        One must not put non-Aya Mistresses or Masters on the collar

2. A maid must always curtsey when entering or leaving the presence of her superiors of Head Maid rank or above .

3. A maid must footkiss all those Matron level or above as well as curtsy. 
        However, we would prefer you not to footkiss a non-Aya member unless it is your Mistress or Master.
4. When 3 or more Senior Staff are present, only footkiss the most senior person.

5, Maids wishing to leave should excuse themselves to the most senior person present before going
 (if possible - RL always comes First.)

6. A maid must offer her collar to every  Staff member Matron level and above, unless told otherwise.

7. A maid must address all visitors as Miss or Sir unless requested not to by that visitor.

8.  In the past we have preferred for Sissy Maids to have both a leash ring and a ribbon on their sissy stick.
        However, we have decided to leave this up to the maid and her Mistress or Master. 
        As long as it is a suitably sissy manner it is fine. 
        examples:  chastity cage, or pink ribbon, or cute cock pouch, etc.

9. Maids wishing to be off-duty may do so in the club and dormitory or in their private residence as long as they have no maid tag on and are not wearing their uniform. All other places in the sim they should be considered on duty and be wearing their maids tag and uniform.

10. Maids do not need to wear uniforms or footkiss during an event in the Club.

11. While we understand maids wish to do other things besides be at the mansion, we would like the Maids to be available when online to attend events, parties and classes as much as they are able, since our events and parties and classes are important, those wishing to be excused from them only need to ask a member of the senior staff.

12. At least one maid must be present at or near the entrance preferably at all times to greet visitors. As long as this condition is met, the other maids are free to enjoy the sim or the mansion until called back and if called back they must return promptly.

13. When lining up in front of the throne please be in a straight and ordered line and kneeling.But should be ready to greet guests if any show up.

14. We suggest, but do not require, maids to list their Aya start date in their profile or  in their picks..... this is to help Aya dommes know how long they have been with Aya

N.B.!! - These rules are subject to change with no notice.... in the end.... what the Queen or Head Governess says... GOES!

Okays... got all that? Don't worry, it seems like a lot... but after a week, its all second nature to a good girl ^^


Maid Application:

Welcome and thank you for considering to join Aya BDSM Sissy Sanctuary. First a little about us. Aya is one of the oldest sissy establishments in SL and to date, one of the fastest growing sissy sims. We maintain a high degree of excellence through training, obedience and mutual respect. Where many sissy sims have sadly fallen by the wayside, we are after many years still continuing to grow. We only accept the best into Aya, so, before you complete this application, be sure that you are serious in your commitment and are willing to accept leadership in a female, shemale dominated society and are willing to embrace the Aya way and lifestyle 100%. Aya is above all a family and as such we look after each other. We offer a haven, a sanctuary and security to all who seek us out.

Good luck with your application. :)

Talin Greymyst
Aya Queen


Please complete the following application in full. Select and copy these questions below to a SL  notecard. Answer them. Save your completed notecard WITH YOUR SL NAME ON THE CARD NAME. Upon completion, please pass it to either a Governess or Mistress (as listed above in the rules). Your application will be considered and you will be contacted for a short interview. YOU MUST list your name as it is displayed to others in SL. YOU MUST list your SL username. Failure to do either of these things will result in your application being discarded because you have made it difficult for us to contact you. Oh, and girls? SPELL YOUR NAME CORRECTLY PLEASE!

(So... for example.... my [display] name is "Nicolette Greymyst" ... my username is "dwadd73.resident".. my Application is named... Nicolette Greymyst Maid Application. Get it? Got it? Good.)

** Please note that your SL avatar age must be at least 30 days or more. **
-----cut here--------

1a. Full Name: 

1b. Display name

2. SL Age:

3. SL Gender, (male/female/herm etc):

4. RL Time Zone:

5. RL Nationality:

6. Languages spoken:

7. Email address (if you have one) :

8. How often are you in SL? :

9. Have you read the Aya rules and understood and agree to abide by them? :

10. How did you find Aya? :

11. Were you recommended to us? If yes, by who? :

12. Do you have a Mistress or Master in SL?(If yes, please give name) :

13. If yes to Q12, Do you have permission to apply to join Aya? :

14. What are you looking for in a sissy sim? :

15. What are your RP limits? Please state in full :

16. Please tell us why you wish to serve Aya and what you feel you can contribute to our family and way of life :


I ........,
Do solemnly swear to abide by the Aya rules.
To serve the House of Aya to the best of my ability.
To serve the Governesses and Mistresses/Sirs.
To love my Aya sisters and to strive to protect our way of life and submit myself to Aya.

By signing this document I agree to the above statement.

By signing this document, you also attest that you are 18 years of age or older.


-------cut here---------

If one needs a translation of these rules or application, if you need any help understanding them please contact Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst (sissyalex starship)
or Head Governess Kara Love (Kara Walworth) or the Matron Princess Stacy Greymyst (femboistacy).

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