Friday, January 3, 2014

First AyA Ponygirl Steeple race!!!

On January 17th, 2014, at 1pm SLT and will last until 2pm SLT, there will be a steeple race competition at the pony training ground.

The competition is open to all how wish to compete (existing ponygirl, Maid, Mistress or Govenress). A free harness is available at the training ground and the grounds will be open for practice until 2 hrs prior to the start of the event. The harness will need to be adjusted :)

Ribbons will be awarded in the Throne Room following the end of the event.


1. All competitors must be in full ponygirl/boy harnesses

2. Enrollment for the event will close 10 minutes prior to  start of event. There will be no late entries.
3. Rulings of judges are final

4. Only fastest clean (no faults) run will be counted

5. NO teleporting in after start of event with out permission  of judges
6. In the event of a later tp..... race for that pony only will be restarted.

More information Mistress Brooke McMasters

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