Thursday, June 27, 2013

HeadsSace, Do You Know What This Is?

What was taught Miss Brittany in your last class.

Miss Brittany class at Aya's Class room

Miss Brittany explained to a class really interested that Head Space is a mental and physiological phenomenon.

HeadSpace can be broken into sub categories like SubSpace, SlaveSpace, TopSpace and BetweenSpace.”

It was the class that a greater number of questions from the audience.

Miss Brittany class at Aya's Class room

With each new class, more interest is aroused in AYA’s Family.

Tank you Miss Brittany for more this excellent class

By Marta
Field Reporter Mikki
Photos Mikki


  1. It was a great class that got everyone thinking and I went away I think a bit wiser.Really well presented and taught that engaged the class.
    Yes a excellent class

  2. Miss Brittany always delivers a great class!

  3. I regret i couldn't be online because it seems really interesting. I hope next time to have occasion to assist at this kind of class. But in general, every class are really interesting.
    Thank you very much Teachers :)

  4. I wish I had been there... sounds very interesting! Sometimes I wish RL would just go away and leave me at AYA.