Monday, May 6, 2013

Command, Command Executed

One night Queen Talin take Miss Emma, maids Tawny and Mikki and I to show her stable. After this, we sat at the table in the garden and Your Majesty told us a story.

At the end, she said to me. “Infact Marta, why don't you write your story, of how you came to Aya, and how you progressed. That would be good for all new maids. Well I do and I command it.”

Head Maid Marta of Aya Sissy Maid Sanctuary in Second Life


From Marte to Marta

Mission accomplished, I can relax, tough the old warrior codename "Marte" ("Mars" in English, the god of war), after a long career, and have time to myself.

After some time "at home" he felt the presence of that girl who has never stopped be inside your heart. That his a female personality who accompanied secretly from childhood and now was blowing in his ear. Now you can, you got that right. I can not, I'm too old for this. There may or may not have the guts? Maybe a bit of both. I have to think ...

Browsing the Internet discovered a new world, Second Life, where people could be who they wanted to be, creature, robot, vampire, what they wished. What most caught attention was that could also be boy or girl. Hmmm.  I'll try.

From that moment, your "inner self", so long ago trapped deep of your fears surfaced, took the lead.

First decision. What will my gender? There will not be  a boy for sure. On the other hand, be a girl, is that what I want? I found the solution. Why not be both? It's decided, I'll be both. A smile a relief in the soul

Now what is my name?. I want a name that has to do with what I'm here. In RL you are the warrior Mars, here I will be the opposite of this, as I always dreamed. Why not Marta, the exact opposite of the warrior Mars. since in Portuguese termination "a" represents the feminine (Ela= She, Ele= He). Decided will be MARTA the opposite of MARS. Another smile, a much greater relief.

And so was born Marta

Early days, discovering the new world. Few interesting places, mostly empty or with few people. Neither is what you want. This time Mars is whispering in your ear. Going to give up? Look in SIM who speak English, I doubt you will not find.

He's right, the femboy sites in Portuguese are in much smaller numbers than English. But my English is like that of an Indian, he thought. His voice turned to whisper, one third of English here is figure, the other third is number, this is no different from the Portuguese. You can get away with remaining 1/3, you know the basics, and what problem it seems a south Indian American rsrsrsrs. OK convinced me, but it is for tomorrow.

Second day. Little England, AYA Sissy Sanctuary. an impressive mansion. What good is empty, I can take a look calmly, without fear. Hmmmm, the pictures on the walls is what I seek. Hiii! have someone sending me a message, what do I do? Stop being scared and answered, this level of English you know.

Tallinn was the Queen, like her, gentle and friendly. We talked a bit, me with my English "tupiniquim" Am I understood. And looks do not hurt. Throughout the conversation she asked me if I wanted to be a maid. Did not know what was to be a maid but I accepted. Then I became Trainee Maid Marta.

That was my beginning. With an effort I managed to adapt and understand how it worked the SIM. Most often by trial and error. But I also had some help from my sisters graduates. And There was also one such Matron that helped me a lot. I did not understand what she was, but had all the way to be one mother. Will not cite names because I will surely forget someone.

I made some visits to other SIM, but I always came back to AYA. And more and more AYA's Family took care of my heart. Nowadays even feel withdrawal symptoms on weekends and holidays.

One day I was promoted, a big surprise for me. Thought that I was not ready, but if our Queen has entrusted in my performance, I had not to do. Lifted my head, filled his chest, climbed in heels and went ahead, now I was Junior Maid Marta.

Not all were flowers, I had my bad moments but I could understand more. My greatest difficulty was to understand of what they were talking about, because they laughed? Another culture, another kind of humor. Even today I still feel difficulties. It was a very difficult time, I thought seriously drop everything and go back to the hobby in RL. But in one of these days, a certain Matron talked to me, "take me in yours arms" and convinced me to stay a little longer. Until today I am very grateful to her for that.

Life went on, I was promoted again, now I was Senior Maid Marta , and my main mission, I thought to myself, was to facilitate everything that I could to my sisters, especially the newcomers. For new bee, a new environment, the rules, so many names, so many attitudes to take and  afraid of making mistakes. From a knot in the head.

I personally am a person who likes to take notes. I like to define in writing the procedures. I did some notes that have helped me and still help. I began to share these tips with all new Treinee. At first it seems a lot to learn, but calmly you see that everything has a logic very easy to learn. They always thank me, but do not know for sure if I'm helping. I never spoke about it to anyone, just think for lack of opportunity. But how I don't lost  my head because of that :), I keep doing. It gives me great pleasure to catch someone who does not know how to walk, hold your hand to teach the first step, letting go slowly and over time see this person, confident running free and loose in his ways.
Not every day is pink, also have days gray I am a very calm, hardly I get upset. But I also have my limits. One is lack of education and the other is when I feel betrayed. These two situations make me lose control completely, one grand defect of mine. Most of the time put me in trouble. And look, I have had  some  gray days here in AYA. But thanks to God and St. George, it is passed.

Today, I found an activity that gives me much pleasure in doing. I am a reporter :). If a person who only knew two thirds of English, figure and number, can now write in English, of course with the help of the great sage Google. Anyone can find their way. It is not easy, a lot of work, time  has to swallow frog sometimes. But is the best feeling in the world to be recognized for a good work.

I know this time that I am part of the AYA's family, already smiles, I've cried, I had anger and joys. I fell in love, fell "out of love" and fell in love again ( Hi Mikki). I made a truckload of friends, maybe one or two people do not like me, no one is perfect. If you asked me if I would do it again without a doubt I answer  yes. In a different way, but it would do. Just know that I LIVED.

Search, invent, try, do different. but do.

Marta Mars

Little England, May 2013


  1. Wow, that's the most honest, admirable and sweetest autobiography I have ever read... Way to go, Marta:))

  2. Replies
    1. Hmm...just weird to discover that you suddenly became a mistress....somehow it degrades the reliability of your story....

    2. I assure you that everything I wrote is true. but I did not write everything.

      How long we dont talk dear. Why we can't change. You are so radical.

      But I keep saying I have great affection for you.