Wednesday, August 14, 2013

To the One I submitted

I still recall the first time I met you. I was nervous and excited, waiting for the outcome of risking into your closeness. You commanded and your maids obeyed, but your tone was gentle.

After that I came often to your mansion. I heard you shout, correcting  the manners and recalling maids their duties. However, again, your voice was gentle for me. I felt like a butterfly picking up the nectar of your smile every time I came back to visit you.

Nevertheless, I was proud. I wanted to be a lady, submitting as a maid was not for me.  I considered myself different. And I searched the One far from your nest. I did not know what I wanted, I must admit. 

And then you came out and found me. And with love you dragged me to your mansion. And I felt your gentle voice inviting me. Your welcoming embrace transformed me. I didn't want to be a maid, but I was trapped by your lovely charm. I was reluctant to submit, but a willing  to return the goodness you gave me grew in my soul.

And you made me feel special, but I had to learn you made everyone feel exceptional. That your nectar was for all. Gently, you taught me to be one more, leading me between joy and sore. I felt I was a selfish duncical but now I was clay in your hands.

And unexpectedly, one day you took me under your wing. Since then I have a single will: to serve you well. And I have a single need: to give you all, wherever you will be.

Princess Anna Greymyst

By Anna
Layout Marta


  1. Oh wow ... that was so beautiful. :)

  2. Anna is truly a one-of-kind treasure!

    1. The moon shines by reflecting the light it receives, Your Grace.
      Thank you.

  3. This is pure love, Anna. Very beautiful. Hugs.

  4. this is beautiful Anna

    the Queen deserves all our love and respect, she is one of a kind and very special

    Anna you are a lovely girl, and I am not just talking looks I am talking heart

    1. No matter our trajectories, I perceive many of us have the same feelings. Thank you My Lady :).

  5. What wonderful words. A glimpse into the soul of a beautiful person. AYA is truly a special place and you are one of the reasons.