Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sexy Fun Times at AYA Mansion!

Now i bring to you, for your veiwing pleasure (*wink).....

Mina and Mouse... Get It On!!

(Pics Courtesy of Miss Vixen)

sissies love performing for their Mistress

Just to make sure she won't get away... as if she'd want to... hehehe

So would like like to perform for a Mistresses ejoyment, while over looking a pretty view? Maybe you prefer to kneel and watch, ready for cleanup duty? What ever your particular peccadilloes are.... AYA Sissy Sanctuary has a place for you!

Please come on by, take a tour, visit the shops, or just hang out... meet our Queen, or any of the regular Dommes who visit everyday. This sissy would love to pass you a membership application, new members always make my day!

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