Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Queen and Her Loyal Subjects

Some may know, our beloved Queen was recently away for some health issues. While we all know that this is necessary, and we all only want the best for Her Majesty.... in some small way... i know many of us were very selfishly missing Her and waiting for Her return eagerly.

She brings such joy to us all, we could hardly be blamed for wanting to be near Her again.

Once She was strong enough... the Queen was kind enough to come home once again and grace us. Some high points from Her visit...

All of us maids took great pride in being perfectly lined up for Her arrival. A formal kneeling maid is a happy maid. :)

Head Maid Stacy received the AYA Silver Medal of Service. HM Stacy is a huge role model to all of us. She is VERY dedicated to the life and times of Little England, always available for service to any Staff, and is so very helpful to all the maids. She almost never leaves the sim, and can almost always be found manning her post in the mansion, providing guidance and support to her fellow maids.

So, please if you see Stacy, congratulate her... if you are a sissy, there are few better to model yourself after. If You are Domme, i know she loves to be a good girl... give her the chance to show you.

Either way.. hehe.. come to Little England and visit us! We love to show new folks around... and if you are a bit confused, trying to find your way in this second life... let us help you... at AYA, sissies are protected, supported, loved, and cared for. Maybe you will find an Owner, maybe you will find a friend, most of us? we find a home.

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