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The Little Sissy and the Evil Miss

The Little Sissy and the Evil Miss....by Governess Kara

The little sissy was very happy living in the mansion with the beautiful Miss, her sister sissies and all the other Misses and the beautiful Queen.

She did her chores and played games with everyone and they all loved the little sissy and the little sissy loved them all back.

The beautiful Miss especially loved the little sissy and would say "Oh sissy I am most pleased with you and I love you with all my heart".

One day the little sissy went out to the rose garden as instructed by the beautiful Miss to fetch some rose clippings for the table.

But, in the land there lurked an evil Miss who coveted the little sissy and wanted her for herself.

The evil Miss slithered behind a tree and hatched a plan. "I shall lure the little sissy away from the beautiful Miss and have her as my own".

The evil Miss stepped from behind the tree "Hello little sissy". The little sissy curtsied respectfully "Hello and greetings Miss. I am gathering some roses as instructed for my beautiful Miss."

"I see" said the evil Miss. "I also see that you are still a trainee maid. Why hasn't the beautiful Miss promoted you to Junior Maid?" The little sissy thought and then replied "The Queen and my beautiful Miss will decide when I am ready".

"Hmm" mumbled the evil Miss. "And why do you have so many chores? Just look at the beautiful Miss and the other Misses. They sit upon thrones while you toil away!"

The evil Miss kept filling the little sissy's head with doubts and lies and every word she spake was a lie.

The little sissy finished her work in the rose garden and curtsied to the evil Miss "Good day Miss. I must return to the mansion."

Later that night the beautiful Queen held a supper in the royal palace and everyone was invited. The little sissy made a center-piece for the table from the rose clippings.

Everyone looked especially beautiful in their gowns or maid uniforms. They dined on pheasant and boiled potatoes which the palace maids had prepared.

The little sissy sat next to the beautiful Miss at the table and they smiled and everyone enjoyed the company and the food.

Later one of the head maids came in and all the sissies stood at attention and curtsied as the head maid sat down at the table. "Good evening Head Maid" they all said.

The little sissy was in awe of the head maid and leaned over to whisper to the beautiful Miss. "Will I ever be a head maid Miss?"

The beautiful Miss smiled and replied. "Perhaps some day sissy. But please know that it is I and the beautiful Queen who decide when you are ready. You still have much to learn my love."

The little sissy sat and thought and said "But what do I need to do?"

The beautiful Miss replied. "I need you to do your chores and help the other maids with their training. Teach them our ways and how to properly greet guests and superiors. I need you to give tours to guests and hand out copies of our rules and applications if they are interested.".

"But most importantly, I need you to love your sisters and other Misses as I love you. This above all I command".

The little sissy noded "Yes my Miss". And she smiled back at the beautiful Miss.

"And one more thing little sissy......you must never ask for a promotion.....the Queen and I see all and we know when you can handle further responsibility."

It grew late and the Queen stood up and said "This has been a wonderful evening. To everyone, I bid you good night." The Queen and the Lady in Waiting went down the hall to the Queen's bed chamber.

The next morning sissy got up and did her chores while the beautiful Miss slept and she went out and picked some berries for breakfast. The evil Miss was about and crept up on the little sissy.

"Hello little sissy" said the evil Miss. "Hello Miss" replied the little sissy respectfully and she curtsied.

And the evil Miss continued her plan to lure the little sissy away from the beautiful Miss. "You know......If you came and lived with me.......I would make you head maid straight away....all of my other sissies would worship you".

The little sissy listened but continued her work. "You wouldn't have to do so many chores" continued the evil Miss.

"You would have power and riches beyond your wildest imagination". And the evil Miss spake more and more lies to lure the little sissy.

The little sissy listened to the lies of the evil Miss and replied "No no Miss, I am most happy in my station and love my beautiful Miss".

But.......the evil miss had planted a tiny seed of doubt in the little sissy's mind. "I must be off" the little sissy said and curtsied respectfully to the evil Miss and went back to the mansion.

"Bah! This little sissy is a tough nut to crack! I shall have to be more inventive in my approach" mumbled the evil Miss and she set about to hatch a new and more sinister plan to lure the little sissy away and have her for herself.

The next day, the beautiful Miss woke early and went out into the garden to fetch some apples for a pie she wanted to bake for the little sissy. For the beautiful Miss loved the little sissy as much as anyone could.

As she strolled, blue birds sang songs and flew above the beautiful Miss's head and all of the animals of the forest came out and walked with the beautiful Miss because they all loved the beautiful Miss so much.

The beautiful Miss smiled at each of them and gave them a kiss. Then she began to pick the apples and place them in her hand basket.

The evil Miss slithered around a tree and held a golden apple. She grined wickedly and stepped from behind the tree into plain sight.

"Well hello Miss" said the evil Miss to the beautiful Miss. "Hello Miss" the beautiful Miss replied.

"Miss?...I have picked this special apple just for you" said the evil Miss. The beautiful Miss smiled and said "Why thank you!" and the evil Miss handed it to her.

The beautiful Miss took the golden apple from her hand and the evil Miss said "Go on Miss....please take a bite".

The beautiful Miss looked at the apple and then took just one bite and chewed and swallowed. The evil Miss grined ear to ear and began laughing.

The beautiful Miss felt woozey and reached out to hold her balance. "What have you done!" demanded the beautiful Miss.

"Hahaha! What have I done? Well I will tell you my pretty....I have poisoned that apple and now I will assume your identity in the mansion and have the little sissy for myself!"

And the beautiful Miss fell down and went fast to sleep and slept and slept.

The evil miss put on the same clothes as the beautiful Miss and fixed her hair in the same manner and did her makeup to look like the beautiful Miss.

And she went off to the mansion. All the animals of the forest ran from the evil Miss.

The evil Miss reached the mansion and stepped inside. The Queen was on her golden throne and holding court. "Ah there you are my beloved beautiful Miss, please do come join us." said the beautiful Queen.

And the evil Miss sat on the silver throne next to the beautiful Queen. And all the maids were in attendance including the little sissy.

And the evil Miss fooled them all into thinking she was the beautiful Miss.

Later that evening the little sissy was doing her nightly chores before bed and the evil Miss crept up behind her.

"Good evening little sissy" she said and the little sissy curtsied and then rushed and hugged the evil Miss thinking she was her beautiful Miss. "Oh Miss how I love you so!"

"Err umm yes! I love you too little sissy" said the evil Miss as the sissy had caught the evil  Miss off guard with the love comment.

And the evil Miss said "Little sissy?....I have prepared a castle far from this land and we will go and live there".

And the little sissy was confused "What Miss? You said we would always live here with the Queen and the others".

The evil Miss began telling lies about the beautiful Queen and the others and got the little sissy to agree to leave.

"Oh sissy? There is one more thing." said the evil Miss. "The evil Miss has changed her appearance to look like me. Be on the look out. She will tell you lies and say she is me. Do not fall for her!"

The next day the evil Miss woke up and was fixing her hair and makeup again. "Bah this beautiful Miss! It's not easy looking like her! She is so much more beautiful that I!"

The evil Miss joined the Queen in the throne room as she was going over the morning maid applications. "Ah beautiful Miss please help me go over these." said the beautiful Queen.

The Queen handed an application to the evil Miss. The application was from a former maid of the evil Miss and had no place to go. She had been beaten and abused and had low self esteem.

The evil Miss took one look at it and scoffed and tore up the application. "Bah! This one is worthless to us. Application denied!"

The beautiful Queen looked up astonished! For in all her time at the mansion, not once has the beautiful Miss turned away ANYONE that had no place to go or no one to turn to.

"Hmmm what is going on here?" the Queen thought and became suspicious of the evil Miss. She put on her glasses because the Queen was quite old and looked closely at the evil Miss.

The evil Miss looked like the beautiful Miss but something wasn't right. The intense beauty that the beautiful Miss radiated wasn't there.

The Queen got up off her golden throne and said "Errr, I have an errand to run. Lady in Waiting? Please fetch me my horse."

The Lady in Waiting said "I will go with you my beloved Queen!"

The Queen whispered "No baby, I need you to keep an eye on 'Miss Pretty-britches'." the Queen rolled her eyes "I will be back post haste!"

The Queen rode out into the land in search of the real beautiful Miss. While the Queen was gone, the evil Miss summoned the little miss to the throne room.

"We will be leaving soon little sissy. Please remove your mansion collar and put this one on." She handed the little sissy a new collar.

Little does the little sissy know, but as soon as she places the evil Miss's collar on her neck, it CANNOT be removed ever!

The little sissy will be forever a slave of the evil Miss even if she tries to run away. The evil Miss smiled wickedly.

The Queen rode hard and stopped to talk to some blue birds. "Do you know where the beautiful Miss is?" she asked.

Some say the Queen is a bit mad... some call her "eccentric"....but the blue birds actually answered the Queen...or so she says.

"We have heard that there lies a beautiful Miss fast asleep deep in the woods your Majesty".

"Are you sure it is my beautiful Miss? I mean was she REALLY REALLY pretty? You know the kind a pretty that just makes you want to slap her?"

"Yes your Majesty! It is said this Miss is the most beautiful in the land" replied the birds.

"Bah! What am I?....chopped liver?!!!" rebuked the Queen.

"No your Majesty!" replied the birds. And the Queen rode on.

The beautiful Queen came to a clearing and saw a gathering of animals, deer, squirrels, rabbits, etc. "What's this?"

The Queen dismounted and walked over and there she saw the beautiful Miss fast asleep laying on the grass.

The rabbits said "Your Majesty, we have tried and tried to awaken her but nothing has worked."

Many claim the rabbits didn't say anything but the Queen insists to this day that they spoke to her.

"Let me try!" said the Queen and leaned over the beautiful Miss and spoke "Awake my beautiful Miss....your mansion needs you...your sissies need you....your Queen needs you!"

And she kissed the beautiful Miss on the lips and then......suddenly....

The beautiful Miss's eyes fluttered and she woke up..

The beautiful Miss sat up and said "The little sissy!.....she is in danger!"

"Yes she is....the evil Miss has assumed your identity! We must go quickly!" said the beautiful Queen. And they rode hard back to the mansion and burst open the doors.

The little sissy saw the beautiful Miss and the evil Miss in the same room and became confused.

The evil Miss smirked and said "See there is the evil Miss. I told you she changed her appearance to look like me!"

The beautiful Miss replied "Don't listen to her sissy! SHE is the imposter. I am the real beautiful Miss! Guards!!"

And the mansion guards came and drew their swords. But the guards were also sissies so their wrists were too weak to hold the swords straight. "Oh for fuck's sake!" sighed the Queen.

"I'm so confused!" said the little sissy. "Which one of you is the real beautiful Miss?"

"I am!" said one. "No, I am!" said the other.

Then the evil miss said "Little sissy, you had best believe I am your beautiful Miss or else!!!" and she drew her hand back and swung it around to slap the little sissy.

The beautiful Miss saw this and said "STOOOOPPPPP!!" and rushed over and blocked the hand of the evil Miss before she had a chance to strike the little sissy.

"NOBODY LAYS A HAND ON MY LITTLE SISSY!" demanded the beautiful Miss. And the beautiful Miss wrapped her arms around the little Sissy and held her.

The beautiful Queen had seen enough and summoned the Oracle. "Please see to it that this piece of shit is ejected and banned from the land."

"Nooooooo I'll be back....mark my words!.....I'll be back" screeched the evil Miss.

And the Oracle had the evil Miss removed.

Then, the beautiful Miss noticed the little sissy had removed her mansion collar and looked at the sissy's neck. "What have you done sissy?"

The evil Miss's collar was around the sissy's neck!

"It wont come off!" said the beautiful Miss. "It wont come off!"

Then the magical power of the collar was activated by the evil Miss and the collar was summoning the little sissy.

"Please get it off Miss, please!! It's taking me away from you! I'm sorry Miss! Please help me! I will be good! Please I love you!"

"There is nothing I can do sissy, it wont come off!" said the beautiful Miss and she began to weep.

"I love you little sissy....please be good and continue what I have taught you despite being forced to serve the evil Miss." the beautiful cried.

Everyone in the throne room began to cry and say "We will always love you little sissy! farewell!"

The beautiful Miss wept and she called out "Evil Miss! Take me! Take me I say! Leave the little sissy here and I will be your slave!" for the beautiful Miss loved the little sissy more than life itself.

And the beautiful Queen began crying as well and went over to hug the little sissy one last time before the collar took her away forever.

And as the beautiful Queen held the little sissy...

a single tear fell from her eye and splashed on the collar...


.....The collar began to crack....

.....it cracked and cracked.......

.....and shattered into a million pieces!.....

.....the beautiful Miss looked up as she had thrown herself on the floor crying....

.....the collar was gone and the little sissy was freed!

"Your tears Majesty!!..." said the beautiful Miss. "..They have shattered the evil collar!"

The beautiful Miss got up and went to the little sissy and held her with the Queen.

"So it appears!" replied the beautiful Queen "Seems old Queenie is still good for something around here!"

"Oh and uhhhh beautiful Miss?" the beautiful Queen continued.

"Yes, your Majesty?" The beautiful Miss replied wiping her eyes but now tears of joy ran down her cheeks.

"There are some wisenheimer blue birds out in the forest......see to it they are punished!" said the beautiful Queen.

"Yes your Majesty!" replied the beautiful Miss. And they all laughed a hearty laugh.

The End.

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