Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Queen Talin has a new Guard

This morning, in a simple ceremony but exciting, Queen Talin appointed,

Kaninah Wolf  AYA Queens Guard

         I hereby grant your request Kaninah
         As of today you are one of the AYA Queens Guard

                       Oh Majesty!!!
                       T-thank you so much, your Majesty...
                       Gazes firmly into her Majesty's eyes...

                       I am your guard, Majesty

Congratulation Kaninah dear
Congratulation Kani
congratulations Kaninah!

Protect the Queen with your Honor and your Life

By Marta


  1. Yes, Marta - I will protect and defend Her Majesty, as well as her reign. I'm fully prepared.

  2. Im so happy for you Sis
    Hugs and Kiss

  3. Well done Kani! I know you are a fierce protector of what you love. :) Congratulations

  4. Good things don't last long...thank you for your support, my sisters, and take good care of Aya...:)

    Love and Light,