Friday, September 14, 2012

Clowny Sissies In Love

Today is a day of celebration at Aya. Today, i get to marry my sweet love, my clowny sister, Head Maid and all around silly sissy girl, Twinkles Greymyst. This sissy couldn't be happier! My sister brings me so much joy with just her presence. She always brings me out of the 'dumps' when i'm feeling low. She makes me smile and grin and giggle and laugh, with only a few honks of that wonderful nose of hers. i love to simply be near her, sharing sexy love whispers, discussing the latest toy releases, watching fun videos together, playing online together as a gaming team,.... even just a quiet snuggle as we watch some tv together.

Since the day i met her... Twinks has been my rock. i have leaned on her strength and sat upon her support. This clown has shown me what it means to truly 'be there' for someone. She took it upon herself to make me feel welcome in my very first days as a full time member of Aya. She decided that i needed a friend (i did), and that she was going to try and relax me until i felt like i fit in (she did). She stayed by my side over and over until the jitters of being allone in a strange place finally passed. Even now... i know i can count on her to not leave me when i need a close frined, and... i dont even have to tell her.. she just knows.

She has gotten to know me, care for me, and accept me for who i am inside. She supports me no matter how dense or worked up i become. She is soft footed around my feelings and emotions, and yet, always honest and true. i can trust her. i can trust her opinion. i know she will never be mean or hurtful. i feel very very safe with her.

She is my best friend.

So today, after many trials, after much wait.... i get to finally walk the aisle with my bride. I am overjoyed, nervous, excited, and a tiny bit scared. However, i take solace in the fact that i know... no matter what happens, no matter how things go today.... by the end, we shall be partnered. And THAT.... will take any hardship away.

My soon-to-be-wife has shown me many things, opened my eyes in various ways, and shared multiple happinesses. But today... i get to show her how deep my love for her goes. Today we are married, partnered, joined together. Today my sister is no longer my girlfriend. Today my sister becomes my wife.

XOXO Princess Nickles T. C. Greymyst <3s Princess Twinkles T. C. Greymyst XOXO

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