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The Sissy Interview: Miss Vixen

As part of a new ongoing feature.... may i present the first ever Aya Sissy Sanctuary Interview Post (yay!). This will be a way for visitors, members, new maids, and established Governesses alike to learn more about each other, what motives us, and find out where we 'come' from.

Our own Aya Bishop, the lovely Miss Vixen, was the first to get questions, answer them, and put up with this sissy's slow editing. If you have a suggestion on who you would like to be featured, then please.... IM me in world (Princess Nicolette Greymyst) and i will be glad to add your name to the list.

i hope to feature both Doms and subs in these entries.

Without further ado...

Miss Vixen Sakura

Mmmmm Hot Domina. Is it the ears? or the leather? or the glasses?
Q: Tell me about when You first knew that You were... different than the other girls.
A:    I knew was different as a female when i was 14. I saw a movie called 'Submission' and in it there is a scene where a woman is blackmailed into stripping in front of her store by her sadistic lover. When i saw that i had to masturbate about it.  Soon after that, I started experimenting with public nudity. I was no stranger to it - I was raised in the nudist lifestyle on Wreck Beach in Vancouver, Canada - but that was always nude with other nudists. When I started experimenting it was first streaking, then adding BDSM aspects.
    I would go to a park with cuffs and a lockable box and the key frozen in a milk jug. I would strip, put a sign on my neck that this was voluntary, put my clothes in the box, lock it, and then cuff myself. Sometimes I would cuff myself wrist to wrist, other times to a tree or fence. Then i would have to wait until the ice melted. This resulted in a few bad situations. One time I had under-estimated melting time and spent 4 hrs cuffed and naked. Another time i got found by the cops and had to explain myself.
    This only encouraged me towards continuing in the lifestyle rather than giving it up because I had the best  orgasms this way.

Q: How old are You? Have You lived the life in RL? How long?

A:    (As of this interview) I'm 25 and after experimenting with submission for 6 years, at 20 years of age, I met a delicious forty year old man on the beach. He was like a tanned god with a monster cock and of all things he signed (ed. note: sign language) not for any reason other than he thought it was cool! It was love at first sight for me and as it turned out he was a huge humiliation fetishist. He loved small penis humiliation, cfnm (clothed female, naked male), sissification, diapers (but not using them), water sports (me peeing on him etc). I spent 5 years being his Dom and learning the... um... 'ropes' so to speak. His experience made it easy, plus he had many friends that could teach me things - like how to female ejaculate and how to do needle play and just all sorts of stuff.

Q: What kind of struggles did You face?

A:    In RL I am deaf, and Domming with sign language is... um... cumbersome - but we made do, and coped. Also, our age difference; often we were perceived as father / daughter rather than boyfriend / girlfriend.
Q: Do you 'Domme' in RL?

A:    Yes for 5 years but only one slave. He had to give up the lifestyle. I have been without a RL slave for about three months.

Q: Any advice for a closeted sissy?

A:    Be friendly; Be courteous; Be inventive; Be proud; Be talkative without being a chatty kathy; Be a sharp dresser; And... don't try to hurry things.
    Don't be clingy; Don't be an asshole; Don't give up; Don't IM your Dom every ten minutes; And NEVER insult your Dom thinking that will give you more punishment.

Q: What originally brought You to SL? What was the attraction?

A:    My RL sissy slave found it when she was looking for an outlet when she had to give up the lifestyle in RL. She never expected there to be sims that supported sissies or such, and once he found it he called me. Four hours later I was on, and an hour after that I had my first owner.

Maid training at the whims of a sexy Schoolgirl!
Q: How did You find AYA?
A:    I went searching for a new home. I liked Domming sissies because the role play is much more versatile, and rewarding.  So I put sissy in my search and found AYA. When I arrived, Lady Elaine walked me through her Slave Port. I was impressed with the detail but I didn't know that AYA even existed since I only saw the Port and thought that was the entirety of the sim. Later, I found out more and came visiting. I got a wonderful tour of the grounds by one of the maids and got to talk to the Queen Herself. From that point it was easy to see this was the right place for me.

Q: How did You start with AYA? Any early 'growing pains'?

A:  I met with the Queen and several of the Doms. The Queen was so nice and very friendly, she asked me to fill out a Dom application but i was so busy at the time it took me a while to get to it plus I was worried I was too young but i finally got around to it. We eventually met on her balcony where we sat and talked.  My short itme in SL was a bit of a sticky wicket, but because of my domming at baby factory and my RL domming for 5 years, the Queen waived me on the minimum SL age rule.
    Growing pains? Oh my! Were there ever! It was like I was going to make every mistake in the book. I accidentally sent the Queen RL nudes of myself; I broke the rule about no domming non-maids in the AYA Mansion and i participated in a sissy clit measuring RP event while sitting on the thrones!
    I felt like the new employee that accidentally does everything wrong for the boss but Governess Jamie and several of the other Doms and all the maids forgave and excused my faux pas' and made me feel very welcome.
    I took a break for a time worried that if I was around I would get kicked out, having had so many mistakes. After a time I returned and was once again given the warmest welcome and have been here ever since. I had a sissy slave at that time who didn't like the time I was spending at AYA and gave me sort of an ultimatum - her or AYA and the choice was clearly AYA so I left her all for the best. Really,  she was not the right slave for me but we remain friends still.

Q: How did You move through the ranks?

A:    By doing my duties in a way the Queen would be proud and offering service in whatever needed doing. I wrote the first draft of the coronation ceremony. I made far fewer mistakes. I took on the role of AYA Bishop so someone could lead the ceremony and crown the Queen. I also offered advice in a cordial manner to the Queen as i was charged with giving Her good council by Her Herself
despite what some think, Talin is a fair ruler and listens to advice as long as you present reasons for the advice given.

i wanna walk over and greet Her, but She seems so bad-ass..... hehe, prolly why i'm interrested *giggles*
Q: Tell me one story about a maid that makes you laugh.
A:    There are many but I think Twinkles rainbow-colored-cum and its special properties that makes me laugh not only at the situation but also makes me laugh at Twinkles herself. I mean its funny that she is... um... so small down there, but to produce so much and to have it sometimes be an special type that can xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx (*) for 24 hrs really breaks me up each time I see her!
    (*) Clowny secrets redacted on account of terrorist threat

Q: Is it rewarding being a 'top'? Is it stressful?

A:    Oh very rewarding! To help better sissies, not only as maids but as people, and to make them make cummies is one of my favorite things. I mean, I am an odd Dom. I am in it to make sure everyone enjoys themselves, whether they are into humiliation or pain or none of the above, its all about enjoyment for me. If a sissy loves to be spanked, I spank. If a sissy loves to be castigated, then I do that. I dont care what they like but more that they communicate those likes to me so that I can make the best RP events for each and everyone of them.

    Sometimes its stressful because the slave doesn't understand how to be a slave. They think it is kneel and await orders, but the best slaves put them selves in jeopardy by admittance of naughtiness; by making sure I catch them; by detailing RP events on likes and boundary cards, that way I know that they desire an event and they know to IM me if I cross a boundary. This way everyone wins.

Q: You have a magic wand to change any one thing about SL that You want.... what one thing would You change?

A:    I would change the crappy scripting that exists on some items. I wish I could write a virus that goes through SL and fixes all the stuff so Dom and sub items integrate better. Also, it is very hard, almost impossible, to find a complete system that doesn't have some hole where an item should be. Many cover most, but none cover all. Tokon doesn't have a straight jacket, Cool doesn't have a pony set, etc, etc.

Q: How do You have You managed balance personal life with the burden of being responsible for Your sub(s) over the years?

A:    I try to cope as best I can. I'm very up front about what time I have and when I can be on and off. That ties into my kinder, gentler, more mature domming. When I want to reward a sissy slave, I IM them ask them if they want an event and how much time they have and what sort of events they like. Sure it breaks immersion momentarily, but it is easy to get back to it and then I rarely have to break immersion later, and I always ask at the end 'did you like it', "did I go too far', and 'what should I do better different next time.

Q: Where / How do You see AYA in the next 5 years?

A:    I see it growing stronger, gaining more duties for the maids, being more mature about the naughty stuff that happens, and overall improving the relationships between Doms and subs. There's a list of about 20 different activities that I want to develop, and of course re-opening Talians Club for dancing and RP events is one of the foremost on the list.
Q: What is Your vision of the ideal maid experience?

A:    I hope they find enough duties that they feel valuable to AYA, enough activities that they have fun, and enough Doms that they have enough domming, and enough mature honesty that I can structure RP events to make sure they have the best times ever in SL. When I make people happy I am happy and that is paramount to me.

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