Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Please Welcome the (New) Head Governess!

We are very pleased and excited to announce that former Governess Jamie Fourneau  has been promoted to Head Governess, by former Head Gov Herself, Talin Greymyst.

Head Governess Jamie brings a long history of service to AYA, and is frequently found canoodling with Her wife, the wonderful Miss Kara, when not making sure the maids are kept busy that is. Head Governess is kind, yet strict... in the AYA tradition. Her commanding presence demands respect, yet every kneel, every footkiss is certainly earned.

This blogger's short experiences with Her have always been fun. It is obvious that She cares deeply for AYA and what it stands for... and what it means to all of U/us who frequent the mansion. She is frequently on SIM and is very welcoming to all maids, new and experienced.

So... big Congratulations to our new Head Governess. May She guide AYA to a successful, viable, and loving future.


But... "what of the former Head Governess," you ask?

Governess Talin has new challenges in Her RL that have been taking Her attentions. It has become increasingly difficult for the Governess to (properly) fill the role that She held with such honor. This may have been Her biggest challenge: how to continue to help all the members of AYA Sissy Sanctuary, how to continue to make Little England the premier SIM for sissy life in all of Second Life, how to give this place Her all (as She has always done), and still meet the difficulties of RL head on.

With a heavy heart... Governess Talin choose Governess Jamie to become the new Head Governess. Having known Governess Jamie for years, She knew She was making the right choice for U/us.

However, this left Governess Talin dismayed, feeling as if She no longer had a place, a role, She was ready to leave forever. This blogger had a hard time reading the chat through her crying eyes... and i was not the only one....

At once, W/we were witness to the first decree of new Head Governess Jamie... Governess Talin was respectfully asked to remain, as our Queen. In many ways similar to the monarchy in the UK, She is to remain a resident of the mansion, of the SIM, and continued to be loved, and have the ability to love all of U/us back. And this way.... maybe, our Queen can focus on the other life She leads, but none shall be without Her guidance and Love... and W/we still have the opportunity to Love Her back.

Thank You for remaining with U/us, W/we take comfort in Your presence.

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