Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Raven's Corner

Presenting her Royal Highness Talin Greymyst, Long Live The Queen!

I've been role playing for a long time in Second Life.  Always searching for the right person to collar me, make me their own. 

Something about giving oneself to another person is truly a thrill.  I've encountered many souls who endlessly press the restart button to live over and over there desire to be transformed from a bruting male to a whimpering sissy.  I've even hit that reset button myself on occasion.  As Raven I have over he last two years built quite an adventure and a family.  Just meeting many wonderful people out there in the world who willingly become a participant in what is my ever developing story.

A lot of love, a lot of tears, and a lot of sex!

AYA has been a wonderful home for me over the last several months, and I can honestly say there hasn't been a soul involved that I have not connected with in a positive way.  Well almost.  Eventually our personalities show thru and your bound to rub someone the wrong way.  At AYA I have found happiness that really has made me excited about being on Second Life.  A family, Friends, and people that enjoy the submissive and dominant lifestyle.  A lot of laughs, and some drama too.  But above all else Love.

Love that carries from the essence of Talin.  Someone I would hope everyone appreciates as much as I do.  There are many people to thank in AYA for building and maintaining a space for us to be welcome and live the fantasies we all hold dear to our hearts.

A cast of all know who you are.  You have my gratitude.

Love Raven.

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