Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sharing is Caring

A submission from own own Senior Maid Raven:

When Nico asked me to write for the Aya Blog, I thought to myself just what could I possibly contribute that would help my sisters get a glimpse inside the mind of Sissy like me?  Then I realize aren't we all pretty much the same.  I've been addicted to dress since the young age of thirteen years old.  Almost immediately attached the tempting fate of wearing articles of girls clothes at times I was at risk of being caught.  I crossdressing/thrill seeking game where I would take girls clothing and set out to a outdoor location and change out of my male clothes and into something I borrowed from my mother, or stole from the lost and found bin at the Junior High School. 
I would wear my mothers tights and leotard under my clothes and set out from the house around 10:00 P.M. in the suburbs almost everyone was home
not many people out.  An occasional car, maybe someone taking the dog out for a walk, but almost always quiet.  I would walk a few blocks and find some bushes and remove my boy clothes, and just wear my mothers exercise outfit.  So tight against my young body already feeling my little cock get nice and hard straining against the material.  The goal was simple; get home and dont get caught.  As I would timidly dash home, hiding behind trees, and parked cars.  In my mind I was processing an excuse in my mind, what I would say to someone if they had seen me.  Each time I thought of using the story that I was playing strip poker with some friends, and the girls won.  They made me wear these was my only option.  I figured hey someone might buy that story.  Problem was...the excitement was so great..I always soaked myself in cum.  That would of been hard to explain.
I have been dressing up now for 32 years, these days, I am open to a select group of family and friends.  I like to share stories and certainly love new challenges.  Seems I am more a sissy now than ever before.  Always looking for the fulfillment of that fantasy which I have alwasy dreamed of. 
More important I hope to contribute more that helps others feel more comfortable with who they are.  As hard as we try we want to believe we can be loved for who we are.  That is something possible.  So always be positive.  Until next time sissies.
This is Raven signing out.

Thank you very much Raven. i know for myself... knowing that others have similar experiences and feeling is a HUGE help with dealing with my sissy life and cravings. 

Sharing is scary... but very welcome and appreciated. Thank you hun for giving of yourself in this way.

Anyone who would like to contribute is more than welcome, please contact either myself (nicolette Greymyst, or Bubbles Greymyst) in world. 


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