Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Congratulations Miss Sinjane... and to you as well, lovely Chelsie :)

A Beautiful Mistress and Her lovely Bride :)

[14:58] Miss Vixen: Before we begin one of the closest friends of the brides Queen Talin would like to say a few words
[14:59] Talin Greymyst: Welcome everyone to this most wonderful occasion
[14:59] Talin Greymyst: I can honestly say I have never been happier to attend a wedding
[14:59] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst smiles
[15:00] Talin Greymyst: Governess Jane and Maid Chelsie
[15:00] Talin Greymyst: are not just members of AYA
[15:00] Talin Greymyst: they are two of the kindest and most loving people I have ever had the pleasure to meet in SL
[15:01] Talin Greymyst: and I count them as true friends
[15:01] Talin Greymyst: Jane as you may know is our AYA Doctor
[15:01] Talin Greymyst: affectionately known to me as Doc Crippen
[15:01] Talin Greymyst: :)
[15:01] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst giggles
[15:01] Sinjane grins
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: and Chelsie is not only a well respected maid n´but an AYA Nurse
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: they both work hard for the sim and AYA
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: but most off all
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: they love each other
[15:02] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst smiles
[15:02] Talin Greymyst: and I pledge
[15:03] Talin Greymyst: that as long as I am Queen
[15:03] Talin Greymyst: I will support and love them both
[15:03] Jagi Rydell: yayy
[15:03] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[15:03] Kim Dench smiles
[15:03] Jagi Rydell: smiles
[15:03] Kiki Flowers claps softly
[15:03] Jessica Claps Hands
[15:03] Talin Greymyst: let us all wish them well on their journey, love and support them
[15:03] Talin Greymyst: thank you
[15:03] Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[15:03] Leona James: *** applause ***
[15:03] Penny: yay
[15:03] Princess Nicolette Greymyst: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[15:03] Sinjane: ty dear lady
[15:03] Jagi Rydell begins to cry
[15:03] Miss Vixen the Incorrigible: Thank you for your kind loving and wise words Majesty
[15:04] Jagi Rydell (bobby.rydell): cry
[15:04] Chelsie Goodliffe: thank you Queen Talin :)
[15:04] Suki Darkfold: **appause**

Congratulations to Y/you both... may Your Second Lives be filled with joy and love and happiness to stretch into and overcome Your real lives :)

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