Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Submission of Fuzzy

Written and submitted for your amusement by Miss Vixen


  As you might know recently Governess Fuzzy resigned her position and asked me to assist her in rediscovering her submissive side and i was only too happy to help.  I wanted to make the events fun and humiliating and to make sure she understood that she would be taken to the edge (but not beyond it) in a series of events culminating with her cherry being taken in her sissy pussy.

   After establishing boundaries and making sure this was truly what she wanted, I planned out a series of events that would make sure that not an ounce of Dom would be left in her and she would truly embrace her reluctant sissy side and feel like she was a true maid and sissy slut even though her rp was that of not wanting this to happen.

  We started with a nice show for the maids, so they would have no doubts that fuzzy the maid was no longer Fuzzy the Governess.

Fuzzy prepares to masturbate naked for an audience of both maids and guests

Fuzzy orgasms from the humiliation of masturbating for so many "Careful maid don't let fuzzy's cum stain your uniform"
Fuzzy cleans my lap after cumming on it from a nice hard spanking.  All good maids should know to clean up after themselves

  Fuzzy is a DJ so i thought a nice paddling in her work area would help her to remember it each time she did a set and boy did she love it!

she came three times from the paddling and imagining an audience watching her punishment

  I took fuzzy to another sim so that others could see what a good slave she was.  Here you can see her cleaning up 7 puddles of her cum from me fisting her in preparation for her ass fucking.

A maids work is never done

  I had to give a maid a spanking under orders of the Queen and good fuzzy was there to play with the maids cock and clean up her cum.

We do like a clean dungeon

  I felt it was important for fuzzy to be even beneath her fellow maids so I had her service one orally just so the maids knew fuzzy was available to be used by them.

Good friends are HARD  when you find them

  Finally, the moment of her truth....

ah the climax in more ways than one.  See fuzzy likes her ass being fucked if you look careful you can see both her and I came at the same time from me taking her sissy pussy cherry.  Thanks fuzzy you're the best.

Thanks all for having a look of this wonderful series of events I know I loved them and fuzzy? Well, she is a new girl now!

(the names have not been changed to protect the innocent for the divine protects them as a matter of heavenly routine)