Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Little Sissy and the Beautiful Miss

by Head Governess Kara

Once upon a time, there was a little sissy who had no Miss. She was very lonely and longed for a Miss to serve and one day she set about to find one.

She walked through the woods a very long way and soon became tired and hungry. She spotted a dreary cabin and opened the door slowly and stepped inside. "Hello? Anyone here?" she whispered.

"Yes you idiot! Now close that door!" a voice answered. Sissy could see a very ugly  Miss in the dim light and closed the door straight away. She had green skin and matted  hair and a big wart on her crooked nose.

"I...I..I’m sorry Miss. You see, I have come a long way and I am tired and hungry. May  I do some chores for you to earn a meal?" Sissy said then curtsied respectfully.

"Bah! I am sure you are of no use! Look at you! You are worthless!" cackled the ugly Miss. "Now fetch me some tea!".

"Yes, Miss. Right away!" sissy curtsied and went to the stove to fetch the tea kettle. 

She arranged for some cups on a platter with some sugar cubes and a spoon. Then walked carefully to the ugly miss.

"Finally! I can please a Miss" sissy thought.

She lifted the kettle and poured the ugly Miss some tea and went to hand it to her but accidentally dropped the cup and it shattered on the floor.

"You idiot!! I knew you were of no use to me! You are a stupid stupid sissy!" screamed the ugly Miss. "You will never amount to anything! You will never please a Miss!".

The ugly Miss swung her cane and struck sissy on the side of the head.

Sissy burst into tears as she cleaned up the broken cup and wiped up the spilled tea. 

She thought to herself "Miss is right, I am a stupid stupid worthless sissy".

Afterwards she ran back into the woods still crying and laid down on some grass and  went to sleep. "Miss is right, I will never please a Miss".

The next day sissy walked further into the woods and spotted a broken down castle. 

"Perhaps a Miss is inside and would like a little sissy to serve her" sissy whispered.

She stepped inside and shouted "Hello, anyone here?". Then she heard footsteps on the stone floor coming closer to her. An even uglier Miss emerged into view.

She was so ugly sissy had a hard time looking at her. She had greyish skin and ugly teeth and she smelled really bad.

"What do you want?" barked the uglier Miss. Sissy stood motionless and silent. "I said, what do you want?". Then uglier Miss raised her hand and slapped sissy across the face.

Sissy reeled from the sharp slap and began to cry. "I am searching for a Miss to serve and came across your castle Miss" sissy whispered then curtsied respectfully.

"You want to serve?" the uglier Miss laughed. "On your knees you piece of shit!" Sissy did as ordered and dropped to her knees. "Now you will do as I say! You are my slave now. Go and fetch my porridge!"

Sissy got up immediately and went to the stove. She used a ladle to scoop some hot porridge into a bowl then tore some crusty bread and put them both on a platter to carry over to the uglier Miss.

"Keep it together sissy." she whispered to herself. "Now is your chance to prove you can please a Miss".

She set down the platter and curtsied. "Here is your porridge Miss". The uglier Miss picked up the bowl and got a spoon full of porridge and placed it into her mouth.

The uglier Miss spit out the porridge and screamed "This porridge is too hot!!" then threw the bowl at sissy.

The uglier Miss pulled off her belt and walked around sissy and ripped her dress top to expose her bare back.

Then the uglier Miss held back the leather belt and began beating poor sissy relentlessly.

Sissy felt the stings of the belt on her back with each blow. Sissy thought to herself "I am a stupid stupid worthless sissy and I'll never please a Miss".

Then the uglier Miss swapped ends of the belt and used the buckle end to beat sissy. 

Sissy cried and screamed "Noooo please Miss....I only want to serve!".

The buckle struck sissy in the head and she started bleeding and feeling very woozy. 

She passed out as the uglier Miss started laughing.

Sissy woke up several hours later and ran out into the woods and laid down in the grass crying "I am a stupid stupid worthless sissy and I will never please a Miss" then went to sleep.

The next day sissy woke up and was very hungry. She walked and walked and then came upon a big mansion. She hid behind a tree as she noticed a beautiful Miss gathering some apples.

Her eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped for this was the most beautiful Miss she had ever laid eyes on!!!

She had long black hair and perfect skin, big blue eyes and perfect lips. She wore a beautiful red gown and her body was shapely and feminine.

Did I mention she was beautiful?

She kept hiding behind the tree and watched the beautiful Miss. The beautiful Miss sensed sissy's presence but said nothing. When the beautiful Miss was done gathering apples she "accidentally" left two on the table and went inside the mansion.

Sissy was very hungry and came out of hiding and ate the apples. "I wonder who that beautiful Miss was" she whispered. Then went around back of the mansion and went inside.

Sissy was very quiet and crept around inside until she found the beautiful Miss folding clothes. "You can come out sissy, I won’t hurt you" said the beautiful Miss. Sissy was sore afraid but came out of hiding as instructed.

Sissy curtsied respectfully and said "Hello Miss, I am sorry to disturb but I have no place to go and I was very hungry". The beautiful Miss said "Come here sissy, let me have a look at you". And sissy came closer.

The beautiful Miss reached out to touch sissy's cheek but sissy winced and closed her eyes expecting to be struck. The beautiful Miss noticed this and whispered "You are safe here sissy. No one will hit you, understand?"

The next day, sissy got up extra early and returned to the mansion and began to dustand clean and vacuum the entire house. The beautiful Miss woke up and came down the stairs looking EVEN MORE beautiful than before.

The beautiful Miss smiled as she noticed sissy's handy-work and said "Well done sissy! I am most pleased!". Sissy curtsied and spoke "Thank you Miss. I have also made breakfast" and went to fetch the serving tray.

The beautiful Miss sat down on the recliner and waited. Sissy came into the roomcarrying the tray but as she went to set it down a cup of tea slipped off and crashed to the floor!!

Sissy stood petrified and began sobbing. Then fetched a belt handing it to the beautiful Miss. Sissy undid her dress in back and waited for her beating.

"Sissy?" whispered the beautiful Miss. "What are you doing?". Sissy replied "I am stupid stupid worthless sissy Miss and I accept my punishment.

The beautiful Miss put the belt down and said "Sissy...turn around and come here".

Sissy did as she was told and went to the beautiful Miss.

The beautiful Miss held sissy and whispered "I don’t ever want to hear you say that again. You are not stupid and you are not worthless, understand?"

The beautiful Miss rocked sissy and kissed her tear streaked cheeks and sang her a beautiful song. Sissy stopped crying after a while and fell fast asleep.

The next day sissy woke up even earlier and returned to the mansion. She did her chores whistling a happy tune. The beautiful Miss came downstairs and was EVEN MORE beautiful than before.

"How is this possible?" sissy thought "She is EVEN MORE beautiful today?"

The beautiful Miss saw what sissy had done and said "Well done sissy! I am most pleased. Now that your work is done, come play with me in the garden".

Sissy and the beautiful Miss went and played all day. They laughed and chased each other through the garden. At the end of the day sissy said "Miss, I am having the best day of my life!". The beautiful Miss smiled and said "I think it may get even better".

Later, they both returned to the mansion and sissy went to look for the beautiful Miss to say good night. "Miss?" she called. Then went down a darkened hall and found the beautiful Miss sitting on a silver throne.

"Come have a seat sissy. I need to talk to you" said the beautiful Miss. And sissy sat at her feet. "Sissy, would you like to come live with me here and dwell in this mansion and serve this house?"

Sissy looked up at beautiful Miss and smiled. "More than anything Miss!" Sissy could feel the warmth of the beautiful Miss's love shining down on her. And suddenly sissy realized something...

The beautiful Miss was not beautiful JUST because of her outward beauty (even though she is). It was her inward beauty which radiated love to everyone around her. This was why she was so beautiful. And this is how she becomes EVEN MORE beautiful each day.

The beautiful Miss smiled and just then the lights came up in the room. And sissy saw a row of thrones each with a beautiful Miss and one gold one with a beautiful Queen. And rows of sissies at their feet.

The beautiful Miss said...

"These are your sisters sissy, they will love you unconditionally as I love you..."

"And these are your Misses who will love you unconditionally as I love you..."

"And this is your Queen who will love you unconditionally as I love you."

Sissy's heart swelled up until it was overflowing with love. Some say it grew three sizes that day! She burst into tears of joy and looked around the room at all the smiling faces.

And she felt love radiate from her heart to everyone. Then all of the sudden something happened...

Sissy started becoming more and more beautiful. Her hair grew out perfectly and her skin became smooth and soft. Her body changed and she became more beautiful. She looked at her hands and they changed from boy-like hands to feminine hands. Like a duckling transforming into a beautiful swan.

Sissy learned that day that it is the power of love makes people beautiful and makes the world beautiful...

And that the ugly Misses were not JUST ugly outwardly, but were ugly on the inside...

And that freely giving love is what makes a person truly beautiful inside and out...

Love is the ultimate power in the universe.

Just then the mansion door opened. Whirling wind and rain seeped in as a little sissy stepped inside. She was soaked from head to toe. "Excuse me, I'm sorry to disturb. But I have no place else to go".

The beautiful Queen raised her arm and pointed at the visitor. The Queen whispered "Rise sissy and see to our guest. She is your new sister. Go and bring her to US!".

"Yes your Majesty!" and sissy rose to her feet and gathered the ends of her skirt with her fingertips, crossed her legs and bent one knee doing the most perfect curtsey of her life.

She spun 'round and raced to the door to greet the visitor. "Welcome to OUR house!" sissy said. "Come with me! Come and meet my beautiful Miss! I just KNOW you will love her!".............................

..........And they all lived happily ever-after.

The End


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the story Governess. ^^ In the end i was smiling wide and remembering my own search, and the relief and contentment when i found a loving place to fit in :) Thank You sooo much for the wonderful story.... i only wish i had been able to attend Your storytime in person.

  2. Thank you Nicole. I wrote this from the bottom of my heart as a reminder to everyone that love makes everyone beautiful. And that the Queen loves every one one of us as I love every one of you.

    And that the Queen and I and all the other Misses are not at Aya to "be worshiped". We are there because of you. To care for you and provide a safe place for you .... Aya is your home and ours.

  3. This is a great story. Made me tear up and feel for the sissy searching for a loving Mistress.