Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Different Miracles Happen in December

The Christmas spirit is all over the places

In December nights enemies make peace, married couples are reconciled, Maid seduces Matron and Maid sell Maid.

This night at club, Head Maid Solen tried to seduce with your dancing Matron Stacy.

I do not know how the Matron Stacy resisted the powerful charm girl.

Another thing that only happens on the nights of December is the Head Maid Laura auctioned her slave toy, Maid Beatrice.

 The auction was won by Maid Jordan.

The price was L$ 1,100.00 for five hours, two different periods, with option for more should she crave it enough. Plus test time until she needs to log today.

Laura Fritton: ok
Jordan D'Morgann holds out her hand.
Laura Fritton: takes the 1100
Laura Fritton  pays the money to the dolphins
LauraVita has given BeatriceSongbird's key to JordanMichel

 In December miracles happen

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