Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Pom by Miss Brooke

Here is a little Christmas poem Miss Brooke made us !

Twas the night before Christmas
And all thru SL
Not a creature was stirring
The Matron in jail!

Talin in her kerchief
Zav in her cap
Had just settled down
For a real kinky nap.

When down in the lobby
There arose such a clatter
Maids were all up
Climbing the tree with a ladder!

Kimber was snooping
To see what she got
Revan excited
She got a new pot!

Jade was clip clopping around
When down thru the chimney
Came the Squirrel with a bound!

She was dressed
all in latex
her tail was on fire!
Don't you call me a liar!

The Mistresses paniced
Laura grabbed came up with a plan
She grabbed a long pole
And heated a pan!

They cooked up the squirrel
with nice acorn stuffing
Christmas dinner for all!
And I aint bluffing!!!!


  1. It's not true! I never slept with my sister Zav! She farts in bed! Great poem Brooke! We need more of this kind of thing at AYA! Queenie. xxx

  2. ::giggling:: That was so cute! Thank you for sharing this, Miss Brooke. :)