Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Sissy Shopper - Gowns Galore!

Hi all.  Sassy Sissy, your resident sissy shopper is back with some more wonderful shopping goodies.  Now, we all know how cute we all look in our little maid uniforms, but do you know what every good sissy needs?
Gowns!  We all should at least have one to wear to those nice formal events.  And if you don't have one yet, or want to increase your own collection, well I'm here to help. So lets get started, shall we? ^^

The Shack!  A great place to start with.  While it is primarily a Gor shop(so lots of gorgeous slave wear and accessories if you want to look those up too), the collection of gowns they have are stunning, and in my opinion, fairly priced.  But you don't come here for fairly priced, do you?  No!  You come for deals.  So lets get started.

From the teleporter near where you first enter, you can find your way to the Ninety Nine L store.  While they don't necessarily have the biggest selection of gowns in there, they do have some really nice clothes all around.  But not quite the reason I chose this place.

Lucky Boards!  Now we're talking.  For the low cost of 100L, you can join the group that gives you access to 5 of their Lucky Boards(Plus 2 Mini Mania boards and group gifts).  For 1000L, you can become a VIP member and gain access to even more Lucky Boards and gifts, but I prefer to just stick with the cheaper group.  They also have a few games and a lucky dip as well.  Now, excuse me while I enjoy my cupcake before I head off to the next shop.

*Burps*  Ah, that was great.  Now, where was I?  Oh yeah, the next big shop on my Gown Extravaganza.  Are you ready?  *drumroll*

The White Armory!  You may have heard of it from a few of the people at Aya, or seen them wearing the fancy gowns available here, but if you haven't checked it out for yourself yet, it's a must.  It is a full on medieval outfitting store, with everything from armor, to swords, to... you guessed it, GOWNS! And lets start with one of the best deals they have.

This is their group gift board.  While it has many nice, discounted stuff on it, pay close attention to the gown in the bottom left corner.  That gown?  It's free.  Wanna know what's better than that?  It changes every week!  That's right, each week you get a new free gown.  What could be better than that?  Well, I'll show you.

The White Armory Outlet area.  To the left of where you land, you'll see this sign.  Behind it, you will find two smaller stores filled with products from the main store(Mainly Gowns!)

Lets start with the actual Outlet store.  Everything in here is about 300L, well worth the price, with how much detail and work has gone into each one.  It's a steal just shopping in this part alone.  But the crown jewel?

Their 99L store, just beside the outlet.  Now, not a lot of stores get me excited to this.  It is jam packed with awesome and amazing gowns, and each one is only 99L.  If the outlet was a steal, this place is highway robbery.  Each gown in there is easily worth at least five times the amount you will pay, but the wonderful owners of this store have saw fit to put some of their most wonderful pieces in here where everyone can afford them.

Well, I hope you decide to check out both these stores.  And, in the case of TWA, if you are looking to get the group gift, please Message Rena O'Kelly.  She has graciously given me permission to put this up and let all the girls of Aya know that you can message her for an invite to The White Armory shop group, so that you can access their gift boards.  Make sure to give her a thanks and a big ol' smooch.  As always, send any questions or requests you have addressed to Sassy Sissy in notecards to either Miss Marta or Matron Stacy.  I will do my best to answer one or two an article, but if I get enough, I might just do a mailbag article ^^ Wouldn't that be exciting?  So make sure to send in those questions! This is Sassy Sissy, you're resident sissy shopper, signing off.

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