Sunday, September 8, 2013

Governess Brittany Class

In last class our behavior expert, Governess Brittany, takes us back in time to tell us about the creation of the rules of BDSM.

Leather Houses have a very colorful history dating back to WW2
It was the first time that the BDSM community had a set rules and guidelines on code of conduct a lot of it being brought from Military Discipline after the troops returned home from World War 2. Inside these "Houses" there are collection of Dominants and submissives.

Everyone was very attentive to what governess Brittany had to say.

Family is most often 1 maybe 2 Dominants in a relationship and their submissives, pretty simple.

Household is a larger structure that comprises of multiple Dominants with submissives/slaves.

Leather Houses have a single person who is the Master of the House (Master in this term is gender neutral), and that Master runs the house and the Dominants in the house assist in getting the Master's.



Thank you for sharing your knowledge Governess Brittany

By Marta
Reporter Morgane

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  1. I thoroughly enjoy Governess Brittany's classes. She is an expert resource on all these matters. I always come away learning something.