Monday, September 2, 2013

Solen, The Girl That Changed Aya

It was November of last year. A timid mousy girl walked in and gave me her maid application. She had short brown hair and wore jeans and sneakers. She was a mess from head to toe. The application looked ok to me, nothing special but here was something about her I liked.

I passed around her application to the Governesses and was immediately told "no" by everyone. "Too many limits", they said. I looked again. They were right, Solen had listed many limits - verbal abuse, humiliation, liked only "soft BDSM". See back then, alot of emphasis was placed on whether or not a sub liked "hard domination". I get it. Its part of the Aya culture.

So, I went and talked with Solen. I thought perhaps I could better understand her limits and see if she could fit in somehow. We talked about a few scenarios and asked her if she would be ok with them. Then I said "You really want to be an Aya maid don't you?" She answered "Yes Miss Kara! More than anything!" Well this made me tear up and I told her I would speak to the Queen.

The next day in the throne room, I gave Queen Talin Solen's application. I waited and finally she said "She has too many limits baby". I was crushed....I just sat there was a lost soul that had no where to one she could count on...and she was just turned away?

Well, If you know me at all you know that I don't take no for an answer often. So, I beseeched Talin to give her a try. I told her I would be responsible and if she had to go, I would be the one to tell her to leave. Finally she relented and I gave Solen the good news.

I pretty much thought that would be the end of that. After all, I did my duty and got her in. I would check on her now and then and she seemed to be doing ok. Eventually we promoted to her Junior maid. She was doing quite well with her duties and all. She was a model Aya Maid.

One day in the club with everyone around, Alexis came to me and asked me in open chat if I would take Solen as my personal sub. She told me that due to personal reasons she was forced to give Solen up. Well this put me on the spot. I was very reluctant to say yes because I had never had a full time sub before. I just didn't want the added responsibility.

I asked Solen what her expectations would be. Did she expect sex? What about her "domination" needs, etc. Well, I think probably Solen was scared and felt a bit unwanted and didn't want to be a burden to me so, true to form, Solen said she didn't expect anything from me. I thought about it some could I say no? So I didn't. I took Solen in from that day forward.

Solen was pretty easy. We would talk occasionally. Sometimes we would spend some time together. A slow dance or a cuddle now and then. Solen lived her own life and I led mine. Solen even had a girl friend which took much of the pressure off me anyway. As I got to know Solen, I could tell very quickly she was a good person with a big heart.

Well time wore on I kept a close eye on Solen. After all I was now her protector and as our conversations deepened, I became her mentor and close friend. One thing that became apparent to me is just how pure of heart she is. She always looks out for other people's feelings and always tries to do the right thing no matter what the consequence.

Our relationship deepened and now for the first time, I really felt like I was her Mistress and she was my sub. She is fiercely loyal to me and to Aya. And now I am fiercely loyal to Solen. Everything that she does and everything that she says, I see, and it makes me very proud to call her my own.

One of my proudest moments was the day Solen was promoted to Head Maid. Talin did her signature fake-out where she makes the maid think she is getting demoted or expelled and then pulls the promotion out-of-a-hat. Well I thought  Solen might just break down in tears then. But, like a trooper, she got through it.

But I think my proudest moment of Solen is the time that Talin was gone for alike a month or so....We all gathered in the throne was quiet....obviously Talin was weary so we sat quietly. Suddenly Solen says "Ma'am?" and Talin answered "Yes Solen?"....Solen replied...."I am just happy to see you ma'am."....then it got really quiet and Talin said "Solen, stand up please". Then Talin gave her a hug and told her how proud she was at how she turned out to be one of the finest maids Aya has ever known.

This is why I say Solen changed Aya. She brought with her a heart full of love for all of us. And she does her very best every day to spread it around to everyone she can. She paved the way for all of the lovely maids and Dommes that we have today. People like Leona, Anna, Kathy and Erin (sorry I cant mention everyone but you know who you are).

I have been very proud to watch Solen grow and flourish and become all that she can be. From that lost messed up shy girl that walked into Aya that November day to the wonderful girl she has become today. She is easily one of the finest human beings I have ever known and it is my honor and privilege to know her.

Solen often says that I am her hero and that she could not be all that she is today without me. Well Solen, I can't take much credit for that. And if truth be told.....Solen you are my hero. I strive every day to be more like you. Solen, you have raised the bar for all of us. Thank you Solen.

Your humble Mistress, Kara.


  1. A wonderful story, for a wonderful girl. One I am very proud to call my friend.

    Solen, I think in many ways we are probably very much alike (apart from the fact you love shopping whereas I love Sci-Fi), and we both shy away from the 'kinky' side of AYA (I think).

    I wish you, your family (both SL and RL) and your future bride all the luck in the world, as I have been lucky enough to know you.

    Luv ya

    Leona xo

  2. This was so sweet, we all love you Your Grace your a wonderful sweet person and we are honoured to have someone to love us and tresure us and someone we cantalk to anything about, you are one of a kind and you was right to let solen in she is such a sweet person just like you. and you ar eboth my hero, solen and you have helped e alot witout you both aya would not be what it is
    Thank you for writing that it was so sweet
    wipes my tear away

  3. Wonderful story. and Solen is Wonderful too.
    she is a good friend and a wonderful confidante.
    she takes the time to listen and give us good advice.

  4. Like a fairytale, your lovely to see that there is a place for people like Solen too. Blessed Be:)

  5. This lines are bursting with love and affection. Something expected as everybody at the mansion may have already noticed, just seeing You and Solen.
    What may I add? Solen is a wonderful friend. She is always sweet and ready to listen. She resembles to you in that, Your Grace. It's no wonder you fit so well.

  6. I know the importance you have for each other. It's part of why you are both so important for me.

    And how can't somebody love Solen? ;p

  7. Solen, you are a beautiful person. To those who see a servant, and think they are beneath you, dommes would do well by paying attention to a wonderful example of a servant heart. We all do better if we consider the other person first. This is where Solen shines

    Solen, I love you sweetie. You make me smile, and you are an example to all.

    Your Grace, as one you gave a chance at AYA, I think this speaks to your wonderful heart and leadership, and seeing past the veneer.

    Truly the duckling has become the swan.


    Love you Solen

    Aunti Erin

  8. I am very, very moved by Miss Kara's text and your comments. Miss Kara, you are simply amazing...thank you for being in my life and for believing in me. And I am lucky to have so many great friends, you are bringing sun in my heart.

    With love


  9. What great comments everyone! Solen inspires me to be a better person and I have been kicking around the idea of writing this piece for a long time.

    Thanks everyone! And you are most welcome Solen!