Wednesday, November 13, 2013

AYA receives Distinguished Visitors

Yesterday AYA received the distinguished entourage of the White Knights of Emerald.

Emerald's entourage were greeted by Governess Brittany  that guive them a tour with help of Maid Tawny and Kimber.

White Knights of Emerald is a Medieval SIM. They have a a King and Queen, are train in all manner of combat, how was used in medieval times.

The delegation of the Kingdom Emerald was composed by:
     Miss Dragonfly - Topaz Mother of Rangers;
     Lady Guinevere Pendragon - Coordinator
     Miss Rena O'kelly - Embassador

It is a great pleasure for AYA 's Family receiving honorable guests


  1. It was a pleasure and honour to help show them Aya.

  2. It was indeed our good fortune and honor to be invited into this mesmerizing mansion. The atmosphere was filled with warmth and unity intertwined with the strength and passion that this foundation was built upon. From the design of the grounds, to the buildings and landscaping; from the beautifully embellished walls to the wealth of information contained in the library and classrooms; Diversity and unique self-expression colored every inch of this estate. We are looking forward to our future growth between our house and yours. With our combined knowledge, compassions and strengths we will be able to do much good within SL and carry the same devotion to the good causes into our RL.
    Always in our hearts,

    Lady Dragonfly Topaz, Mother of Rangers

    You alway will be welcome M'Lady.
    Back other times

    Marta Mars

  3. It was also a pleasure for me being able to show our distinguished guests AYA Mansion and tell them about us.