Monday, November 18, 2013

Home, sweet home.

Here is some words from our beloved Anna

Dear all,

It’s been a just a week since I had to leave, forced by life at this side of the screen, but that has been long enough to understand how much I feel Aya my home. My mind is now a bit dizzy while I reset my life and I fix my new home at this side of the mirror. And it doesn’t put out trying to avert my heart turning to the other side, to sweet home — Aya. In other words, I find no way of expressing how much I miss you all. I am glad to say that I will be back sooner than I expected, probably in two weeks, but still I wanted to type to you a few dumb words.
I could not foresee myself belonging to such an amazing family two years ago, when I arrived in excitement – and looking for excitation – to that mansion. There, a curly-haired Talin, and several maids – Princess Alexis and Jade among them – turned me into Antonia. And I hesitated much until finally Talin again pulled Anastasia – now Anna – into Aya. Before that, I had been wandering for long and felt that SL was just a useless waste of time.
Belonging to our community is a treasure Her Majesty opened to me. It is a chest plenty of awesome hearts and souls that I soon started to love. I have stumbled across very brave people that are example of pride and amazing life style consistency. Some of them have a hard and sour crust that hides a deep core of the sweetest cherry liquor. I’m not brave at all, but I deeply admire them and their honesty. Finally, their crust resulted to be made of dark chocolate; didn’t it?

Here, I have met persons that care for others, that spread their love and make Aya a home. Most of you are like the fresh morning dew in autumn. Girls with a diamond-clear heart and infinite loveliness, worthy of the most pure friendship – yes, still I know we are a BDSM place! And there are always people ready to listen and lend her shoulder when anyone feels blue. I found nice people also, funny ones who hide tenderness and caring souls behind their looney disguises. All helped me to understand myself – perhaps without knowing it.
Every time a new trainee or Miss arrives, I wonder how much can we learn from her.  And I feel that everyone remaining at the mansion becomes an important part of its soul. I guess that sometimes it is difficult to get along with so many different thoughts and trajectories; but you may be fond of how you do, just great. Indeed, I found a beautiful friendship in many of you, didn’t I?  I long for nothing but being back with all you and try to return all I owe you all. And I do eagerly.
What more could I say? First, I was not smoking anything either before or while typing these lines — I didn’t have absinthe either. Second, to summarize, that my heart is plenty of gratefulness towards all you and I feel a strong desire of being back home.

With Love,
Anna Greymyst


  1. I am very happy the Queen and me and a few others got you to join our family! We all love you very much. You will always have a home with us.

  2. We love you Anna and we hope to see you back soon.
    Big hugs

  3. I can't think of a warmer, more sincere, more beautiful way to express what AYA feels like from the "other side of the mirror" sis. It was your heart and soul writing there. Thank you for sharing this with us Anna. Love you very much