Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Sissy Shopper: An Introduction to Grumbles

Hello all.  This is Sassy Sissy, your resident sissy shopper, and I thought I would share all my secrets with all of you.  Starting with this, I will be writing a monthly article on how to shop for great clothes on a budget.  And I thought I would do my first article on one of my favourite shops in Second Life.  Grumble.

I love this shop.  It has so many different boutiques.  They have one for women, one for men, even one for kids.  They have a wedding shop, a gestures shop, even a discount shop.  And one of the best things about this place?  Things are cheap.

The best place to start will be with the teleport board.  It is from here, you can teleport to any one of their different boutiques.  I, of course, recommend the women clothes.  They have a huge selection of clothing in there, and all at a very good price.  Near the teleport board, there are also four midnight mania boards, but you will need the group tag to access them.  Which will lead you to....

The Subway!  This is my favourite part of the store.  Down here, you will find the group joiner.  It is free to join, and right next to it, you will see a sign for the monthly gift.  But that's not all that's down here.  You will also find....

Lucky chairs!  There are fifteen different lucky chairs, with items ranging from clothing, to furniture, to gift cards appearing on them.  Yes, that's right, I said gift cards.  You can do all your shopping at Grumble and not spend a single L on anything you buy. Above each lucky chair, there is also a Mini Mania board.  Each of these has a gift card on them, and often fill up quite quickly, so don't forget to get on them. They also have camp chairs, with twenty five different items to choose from, each with their own time limit, including a 100L Gift Card for Grumble.  It takes 90 minutes to camp for it, but it's a great way to kill some extra time when you have it, and save some lindens.

Well all, that is all for my first article. Don't forget to write Sassy Sissy with your questions and requests(Send NCs to Miss Marta or Matron Stacy).  I may not get to all of them, but I will do my best to answer as many as I can.  This is your Sissy Shopper, signing off.


  1. Thank you Sassy,
    very interesting!

  2. Parabens by Article Sassy, and welcome aboard.
    We're eager for a new job yours.
    Hugs and Kiss
    Marta Mars

  3. Nice job Sassy! That fits into what we are trying to do here. Thank you so much!

    Miss Erin