Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Concept of Aya

Just thought I would share this note with you that Maid Kimber Wrote.

My Concept of Aya
By Maid Kimber

After one month in AYA Mansion I believe I have a decent idea about what AYA is.

I have been hanging around SL since 2007. I’ve been almost anything you can imagine, I’ve been playing from both sides of the BDSM fence, and I’ve also been above and below the fence.

I’ve been in AYA for a month now, and I can tell that I have felt more intensely during the last 30 days than I did during the previous 2.000 days.

For me, AYA is a tear, a RL tear of joy.

AYA is a knot in your RL throat.

AYA is a surge  of love, warmness, protection and happiness.

AYA is a whisper, an idea that has become true.

AYA is a catalyzer that helps crossing feelings from SL to RL.

But AYA is, above all, its members. AYA is formed by such a group of amazing people, good people, good souls with good feelings. People who care for you in exchange for nothing. People who help the lost and provide shelter to anyone in need of affection.

AYA is family, yes. I can say, after 6 years, that I have found my home, that I belong here like I never did to any other place before.


  1. You have no idea how happy that makes me feel Kimber dear. Thank you for such kind words. my the AYA Family live on for many years to come. Queen Talin. xxxx

    1. Being able to make you happy, to bring a smile to your face, overwhelms me with joy Ma'am. Love you forever

  2. I can relate to how you feel, Kimber. AYA is one of the most amazing places I've found in SL. :)