Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sissy Heaven

Because of controversy caused by this article, see comments. With intention to not cause more drama. This article was removed 

The SIM that dealt the article are completely different from AYA, from our goals. WE are not competitors. As a matter of ethics, and very embarrassed, I asked the owner of the SIM to withdraw advertising from AYA’s Blog.

To have an honest relationship need  be both ways. Shame we dont do our part.

And AYA do not live in a bottle.

Finally, I put my position as Editor at disposition of the AYA's Blog of high council.

Advise the next publisher does not give news outside the borders of Little England, to avoid any misunderstanding.

Marta Mars

Little Emgland,
November 28, 2013


  1. why are we advertising other sims here?

    1. Why not?
      This was not the first SIM that we talk about. There was never any restriction on what to publish.
      If there are restriction now, I was not informed.
      Kiss and Hugs

    2. looks to me like an advertisement for another sissy sim as well

  2. it is great however that they are helping sissies though

  3. but I don't want AYA 's traffic to be taken away from, we want people coming to AYA

  4. personally i saw nothing wrong with it

  5. I don't understand who is being short sighted or why they are being short sighted,
    me and Rusty were just pointing out something, I don't understand what you mean by being censored. Censored means when someone omits or scratches out something that had previously been displayed or printed. I apologize if anyone offended you or anyone else or was viewed as being harsh to you. We all value this blog and thank you for it.

  6. Well, now I guess I'll HAVE to go check the place out. Controversy just breeds interest. Free publicity.

  7. Why dont we promote sissy sims? we should all be sticking together

  8. When the Governess and Queen's consort plus Queens's Lady in waite say that something is wrong, Something is wrong and neither the Pope corrects

  9. I really see nothing wrong with writing an article about another Sim. We do have an exchange students program with EA for one thing,it seems to be working well, both ways..

    Maybe someone reading the article will want to try the place, and why not, if it's better suited to them.. And in the course of visiting or staying there they will probably mention AYA to someone looking for a sissy maid sim, so it's all beneficial.

    In the end I don't see that at all like advertising, but like information, and well lets be honest, do we want our blog to be a state driven newspaper like the Pravda or do we rather promote freedoom of the press and encourage it to be like the Washington Post.. :)

    I for one i'm happy to know about another sissy Sim, where sisters gather, even if I don't feel (from what I recall about the article) that it would be suited to me. It's just good to know that it's out there and that we're not isolated on our little corner, and i would GLADLY welcome more articles of the sort.

  10. well said Beatrice, I support Marta 100%, she does a lot of hard work on this blog with very little apparent thanks, so I will say now, thank you Marta for keeping us informed about all sorts of interesting topics

  11. I agree with Bea's comments. This article is completely aligned with the essence of the Queen Talin Foundation,aiming to spread our essence and provide shelter and care to all the lost souls in SL.

    Love you Miss Marta

  12. I agree fully with Bea and Kimber on this.
    I didnt see anything wrong in posting and advertising about other sissy's SIM.

    And we should not be afraid it would make AYA loose people to other SIMs. People will stay on SIM where they feel at home. It might be AYA or another SIM. In fact I see it as an advantage to have people going to other SIMs too. They will advertise AYA there and bring more people to AYA.
    Ofcourse we might loose maybe some people to other SIMs, but they would be gone anyway then, but I think we are able to get more people to join AYA than we loose to other SIMs

    Thanks Marta for all you work on the blogs

  13. Marta....You have the full support of the Aya Council....Please continue your good work as Aya blog editor.

  14. Aya is a leading light and this blog shows that beautifully. We have no need to be insecure. People go to other sims as well as here. We hold our hand out to others because we are the best. Posting about other sims shows our strength and that we are not closed off.