Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Leather Man The Head Behind of XTC

He make wonderful leather clothes, also manages the store network XTC.

"Just a guy who wanted to bring super realistic clothes into Second Life so we didn't look like cartoons. :) "

He is Mister Xaviar Thunder

You make wonderful leather clothes Mr. Thunder. You started by doing leather clothes? If not, how did you start?

"I began by building houses, but wanted to look good doing so; so I made a leather outfit because at the time no one else was. After doing so, I found that more people were interested in that than my buildings haha. I made a total of 14 and set up shop in the corner of a friend's store. That was 2007 and it has just continued to grow ever since. I think I have 400 outfits now. (and probably 200 that are in my trash - never to have seen the light of day)."

Leather outfits are very sexy. In some cases, a fetish. When you make your creations do you take this into consideration or do you only think about making an outfit that enhances the beauty of the body?

"All my clothes need to pass one simple test: Would I wear them and would I like my GF wearing them? Thats all.  I have always strived for "sexy not slutty".

Except making clothes, what do you like to do in Second Life? Are you part of a BDSM community for example?

"It is all business for me.  I have a few close friends in here but they are also my RL friends."

Let’s talk now about business. Tell us a little about XTC Store. When was it created? Only leather clothes are sold? Who are your customers?

"I think my things appeal to everyone, so I don't have a demographic that dominates my sales. The clothes are pretty versatile."

You have a store at AYA`s shopping area. How did you find this space?

"Great, and we have had some wonderful XTC Sponsored events there as well. Such a great staff and entourage!"

Do you want to say something for the  AYA` Blog readers?

"Support AYA by buying from the shops there instead of TPing to the main stores.  That is the greatest support you can show any club you love.  "

Thank you Mr. Thunder for share  your story  with us  and support our SIM.

AYA` Blog has been very honored with your interview.

BY Marta and Stacy
Revised by Stacy

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