Thursday, May 2, 2013

Queen Talin The Ecentric - Vision, Legacy, and Hope for the Future

Fourth part of  Queen Talin's interview.

Queen Talin of AYA BDSM Sissy Maid Sanctuary in Second Life

IV. Vision, Legacy, and Hope for the Future

Queen Talin Greymyst: it is vital that AYA lives on! It has become home to so many.

Governess Sinjane: nods

Queen Talin Greymyst: and we have so many opportunities for people to progress up the ladder as it were.

Snr Maid Chelsie: Queen Talin, that brings me to my last formal question, since I don't wish to tax you. Miss Jane may follow with a few of her own:)

Queen Talin Greymyst: OK

Snr Maid Chelsie: My last formal question is this. You have touched on your legacy to AYA?

Queen Talin Greymyst: yes
Snr Maid Chelsie: I would like to ask you to think on that, and with some thought, outline what it is that you would like others to consider as your legacy. < Otherwise silly sods like me will write it :) >

Governess Sinjane: smiles

Snr Maid Chelsie: how would you like to see that legacy honored? What would you like to see as the future of AYA if and when, for whatever reasons God gives us, you must cease as Queen of AYA ?

Queen Talin Greymyst: well it is inevitable that sooner or later I will no longer be able to continue. I would have liked to have named a successor to me, as the next Queen of AYA.
However, many people have vetoed this idea so I don't think it is likely to happy, sadly.
As for the future of AYA, well I would like it to remain very much as it is. A family. I understand that things need to change and I accept that.

Governess Sinjane: nods

Queen Talin Greymyst: as long as it does not go backwards. Aya is strong and must continue to be so.

Governess Sinjane: smiles well its strength is in itself your legacy, my sister

Queen Talin Greymyst: I would not say I am the best leader, far from it. But a place like this does need someone with "balls" lol

Governess Sinjane: lol

Snr Maid Chelsie: may I translate that to.. Firmness and exuberance? :)
Queen Talin Greymyst: and we have plenty of queens with balls to choose from. lol
Governess Sinjane: grins

Queen Talin Greymyst: leave it as it is please  lol

Snr Maid Chelsie: OK; I will leave it in :)

Queen Talin Greymyst: people lead in different styles. many I am sure do not like my style. All I would say to my critics is, if you think you can do a better job, then you are welcome to try.

Governess Sinjane: smiles
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