Friday, May 3, 2013

Queen Talin The Ecentric - Fond Remembrances

Final part of the Queen Talin's interview


V. Fond Remembrances

Governess Sinjane: ok Tali I have one question of my own, a very hard one but I don't want to have too somber a tone.... in all your time at AYA, what is the one single incident that made you laugh the most?

Queen Talin Greymyst: OOO!

Governess Sinjane: that still makes you roar out loud now

Queen Talin Greymyst: you know I really don't know. there have been so many lovely times. I really cannot single out any particular one.
Governess Sinjane: smiles ok, I knew it was hard
Snr Maid Chelsie: perhaps I can answer for myself Governess Jane?
It is not one incident - but when I think of AYA, I remember Queen Talin, standing on the podium after an event, calling everyone to the stage, finding something that people have done to reward.
Sometimes it is humorous - But always it is the essence of Queen Talin's leadership style; finding a way to rally everyone into an even higher plane of feeling part of something larger, included, pampered, and appreciated.

Queen Talin Greymyst: those times I relish the most; I love to reward people for hard work. and if you say I have rewarded you three times with the same medal Sis, your history.

Snr Maid Chelsie: (I've arranged my three bronze medals so I can wear them all together as a general would :)
Governess Sinjane: that's a lovely memory; although I do know the single funniest for me.....
And again it's a uniquely Talin thing...
The funniest for me and her so called innocence, was the rebel maids song.

Queen Talin Greymyst: grins, I forgot that did we ever find out who wrote that?

Governess Sinjane: ahem Talin I do wonder who

Queen Talin Greymyst: looks around. I am sure I don't know what you are referring to. grins
Governess Sinjane: of course not Pinocchio, your nose just grew a foot
Queen Talin Greymyst: I will need to by an extra sock then.
VI. Final Question
Snr Maid Chelsie: Queen Talin; I don't want to make you more tired, I think the time has come to stop badgering you!

Queen Talin Greymyst: well one last question then that is enough for me today

Governess Sinjane: grins

Queen Talin Greymyst: ok a final question or are we done?

Snr Maid Chelsie: Here it is. Given my cheekiness in some questions - when is my execution? :)

Queen Talin Greymyst: Chelsie darling, do not wish for something too hard, it m

By Chelsie, Sinjane
Revised Talin
Layout Marta

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