Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Warrior Left For Another Battle

Today I saw how great a woman can be. Despite the  few inches on the computer screen, her greatness covered Real World and Virtual World.

Queen of AYA Sissy Maid Sanctuary in Second Life
Queen Talin Grymyst

Her dignity made her say she was leaving for another battle for life. She showed concern yes, who would not be. But the biggest concern was not with the battle, but with the continuation of her dream, our dream.

Her attitude to abdicate in favor of the greater good, showed  the attitudes that make the difference between the woman and the Great and loved Leader.

She made clear that she is not AYA,  it is something much bigger than her. AYA is a Family. And as part of this family we have to remain united, we have to move on. We have to support the new leader in the same way that she was supported.

She made clear what she expects of us. And most importantly, she let the message that the Family AYA has to be happy.

Personal Testimony.

Again my Queen, you gave me a life lesson. Your attitude showed me how my soul is small and stingy beside your. I hope I have learned my lesson and kiss your feet with great honor.
Marta Mars

By Marta

Revised by Stacy


  1. Thank you for welcoming me and giving me a name. all my thought will be for you. check back soon. I Love you Queen Talin


  2. My Queen offered her hand when i was low.
    She lifted me up and brushed me off.
    She dressed me and gave a purpose to my life.
    She propped me up and reminded me to hold my head high.
    She showed me that love had not left my heart.

    My Queen is so very strong.
    I offer up my own strength to Her. May She feel bolstered by Her many family and friends. My the Queen of Little England never forget, we are here because of Her will, Her desires, Her stubbornness. May She always remember the strength She has inside Herself.

    Holding Your hand along this journey Majesty.

    Forever Your daughter,

  3. I am proud...proud to have served the most devine, loving, caring and charismatic person I have ever met. Thank you, my Queen....you will always be in my heart. I love you...Your maid Kaninah

  4. Hi Ma'am. I'll be with you in thoughts. Thank you for you love, dedication, courage and wisedom. I love you and I hope to see you very soon.
    Your loyal maid