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Story By Lady Eliane

A new Lady Eliane`s History

AYA BDSM Sissy Maid Sanctuary New Story by Lady Eliane

As our history is very long, there are some things I did not put inside. But perhaps this funny one has some interest.
When we began in O BDSM, we had one sim, then very quickly two. But the second one was totally full with school, Ivana's tower, pony training land and first shops, so it was impossible to add houses to rent. But buy a third one was very expensive. One day, Seven said me she had bought one for 50% of the normal price, because owner was...emprisoned for five years, and because his activities in sl!!! So his wife needed money and accepted this very low price. Normal: the sim was named... Chicago Island!
What happened? He had an illegal exchange market, a little Wall Street (excepted Wall Street is not in Chicago...) where exchanges, of course, did not have to pay taxes. And, in fact, when we explored the sim, we found a large steel and glass building with a great electronic board, seats, everything to work. Of course nothing worked; i suppose connexions were out. But it's an aspect of sl a lot of people don't know!! lol
This sim was strange. I think it already had an long history, as a lot of things seemed to have been modified a lot of times. The center was empty, with a large street around. Between street and sides, a lot of very different buildings: house, warehouse, some little stores... and a church too. On the map we could see mysterious objects moving. In fact they were... sharks swimming under ground level! I suppose there was an inside sea before, but it was removed and they forgot to remove sharks too...
But there were residents, more or less squatters, an artist community. They were not very happy to know we had bought the sim, but they could do nothing. But, just after the sim was cleaned by Ivana, they moved and abandoned a strange gift: a mountain who had the shape of a hand... I don't know how you name that in english... with middle finger up! It was around 100 m high... very impressive!!
So, Chicago Island was connected to our isle and became O BDSM East, the one where I got my second house. As you can see on the pic, which is unfortunately bad quality, there was a public park in the center, with a gazebo and the statue of our holy protector Lucifer. It's the most beautiful statue I never saw in sl.The despair expression of his face was astonishing. He was shown during his last view of Heavens, just before falling in the fire for ever. I did not know it was possible to make so realistic statues in sl. As Ivana left sl, it's lost, now.
AYA BDSM Sissy Maid Sanctuary Story By Lady Eliane
About Aya, it was very maritime at the beginning. Out of the two ships, Tonie put two giant octopus and a big shark able to jump above water and catch people. They were funny... for a moment. But they used a lot of prims, so...
That's all for now
Lady Eliane
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