Saturday, May 4, 2013

Any Resemblance with Second Life is not a Coincidence

She made bare her soul

She is Mistress and Nurse Jagi

Mistress Jegi of AYA BDSM Sissy Sanctuary in Second Life

Jagi's Story!

Canadian  from British Columbia. Jagi is a Korean word meaning sweetie or darling, a term of endearment!
My nickname is Bobby. A name I got at 14 when I found an all girl porn video called "My Best Friend Did My Mom". Bobby was one of the actresses. We watched it 23 times one summer.

My story really begins with the tragic death of my moms best friend and partner Mavis Hong!
Mom and Mavis had an acrobatic dance act that toured western Canada. They called themselves "Milly  and Mavis the Pain Proof Rubber Girls" The highlight of the act was when Mavis would bend over and sit on her own face! This was called the "Face Plow" and everyone loved it. Then one tragic  night up in Alberta  While attempting the "Face Plow" Mavis broke her neck and died.

Mom was never the same. She drank a lot and suffered from severe depression. The Family broke up. Dad went off with a lady from the Territories and my sis moved down to Seattle . I was shipped off to live with an aunt in Freswick.

I attended Hunter High and it was at this time I got interested in nursing. I met a girl named Hikari Oh and we became best friends. Hikari could name every part of reproductive system in a man woman or a dog. She was real smart and very popular with the boys. She could turn her vagina and anus inside out without using her hands. WOW! No wonder she was so popular. She got me a phony ID. So I could work in the clubs around town.
With my dance background and new found knowledge of anatomy I made tons of dough dancing and doing other things in the clubs.

I used the money to enroll in Halo Community College and got certified as a medical assistant. I then attended Riverdell Tech got a bachelors degree in nursing and finished up with a masters from Hillcrest U.

It was there that I interned for the famous Dr Sinjane. Dr Sinjane was nominated for the Nobel Prize in medicine and is the author of the best sellers, Smoking Is Really Good For You", "Enemas For Idiots" and "The Anus, Portal to Good Health".

She came to find happiness

Actually Cumm Kitty brought me here when Talin was first building the sim! But it wasn't until much later when her cousin Princess Alexis kept inviting me over. I was unhappy being nurse at another sim. So I joined Aya!

She is a Miss but Love be a Nurse

Yes I'm a Miss and enjoy my position taking my seat next to the Queen and the affection all the maids give to me! But! My main function at Aya is nurse!

And a very competent one

Yes of course! I am the Aya nurse! And I take my position quite seriously!
I see to it that all the members are in good health! My exams are quite extensive! According to the person who I give them to!
I do not do sexual reassignments though! I leave that to Dr Sinjane or Dr Erin. I'm just the nurse!
From heart for AYA’s Family
Absolutely! As nurse and mistress I have met some of the sweetest and nicest people in sl! I have many good friends at Aya i always enjoy chatting with everyone and hope they enjoy me being their Aya nurse!
And the mistresses, governesses, and of course the Queen are absolutely wonderful people!
Miss Jagi
We hope you have found your happiness Miss Jagi.

Because AYA's Family is very happy to have you with us.

By Marta
Revised by Stacy

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