Friday, May 17, 2013

A Ray of Sunshine From Turbulent Clouds

Our greatest warrior need a time between battles. Came home to rest.

This morning, our beloved Queen was present in the throne room.

How could it be, she wondered how things walked in AYA, and what were the news. wanted to know to how has been received Officer Mel  (TeardropLove).

Due to his health, stayed a short time. Needed rest. But promised to make an effort and come back again later.

She kept her promise and returned

Despite the weariness of battle, our Queen returned giving inducts a new maid. Trainee Maid Dawn.

She not only works. She has a warm welcome from Head Governess Kara.

Welcome back Queen Talin, we miss you so much.

By Marta

Hey AYA’s Family. Our Queen is sick,Let's let her rest as much as possible.

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