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Emasculata Academy, More Than Five Years Adjusting Body and Mind

One of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of Second Life.

Emasculata Academy prepares "new women" Thur a full suite of cooperative feminization classes and treatments... serving sissies, fembois, transgendered, transsexuals and unwilling males. 

Emasculata Academy Logo
Installed in a modern and beautiful mansion, Emasculata Academy (EA), is a finishing school for sissy and TG boys who wish to become more feminine, in various levels, or until  fully transition to womanhood.

Emasculata Academy mansion

The entire course takes about four or five months, where is applied a "Collaborative Feminization Education Program".  This program has four levels, consisting of four lectures and a final in each level. EA has also a full medical and counseling team for the physical and emotional aspects of transition. At the end of the course is formed a new “Yong Lady”.

EA is much more than a Finish School; they are a community that cultivates tolerance and good relationships among their members. A Family.

The Staff of this school are Doctor Erin Taylor Surgeon, Physician, Chief of staff and a graduate of EA, Doctor Alexandra Shay Medical director, Miss Ditsey Swift Lead teacher, among others.

 Dr Erin, Teacher Ditsy and Student Mikki at EA class room

Doctor Erin clarifies that lessons are immersive as well, and were created by our Dean of students Miss Karma Breen and Teacher Swift has complemented saying that the class lectures are verbal and images to gain an excellent understanding.

I attended a class and I can testify the lessons are all that was said about them and more. Very interesting.

I watch a class at EA

Whole course is based on “Cooperative Feminization”. Some graduates still has all of their male parts, “We have sissies..that are male..and we have pre-op transsexuals...also..” said Teacher Ditsey.

The course is based on collaboration. but “students must obey dress codes and show proper respect to staff and visitors”, said Doctor Erin.

EA's facilities are state of the art. A reference point for all Second Life.

Dr Erin, Teacher Ditsy and Student Mikki at EA class room

With great pride and eyes shining Ditsy teacher described her work environment

A classroom well designed with modern equipment to support instruction, such as Data Show. Two Digital Dynamic Boards to each side of classroom. They are utilized for immediate class post, final exams and slides of students and activities.

Dr Erin, Teacher Ditsy and Student Mikki at EA class room

And a Board with the class schedule for the month and two rows of seats for students and a stool for teacher.

EA Salon

They also have a full salon that is open to students and faculty, where a lot of students use it to prepare each other for special events and for finals.

EA has a complete Clinic with everything that a clinical edge must have, reception,

EA clinic wait room

waiting room, exam room where all students start with a physical and they begin hormone therapy, as they progress in their education, additional procedures become available.

EA clinic wait room exame room

There are too a very beautiful and especial room, where trans girls take her first step to transformation. The Castration Parlor.

EA clinic castration Parlor

Or in medical terms Bilateral Orchiectomy, a very complicated name for “just removing the testicles” as Doc Erin said.

She explained that this procedure is necessary to eliminated testosterone and makes hormone therapy more effective. It’s an OPTIONAL procedure.

Other impressive place is Surgical Theater.

EA Surgical Theater

Where all procedures requiring anesthesia are done, and people become full women through SRS surgery and womb implantation.

Beside the surgery room is the recovery room.

EA clinic recovery room

Where patients are monitored and heal after surgery.

As explained by Dr. Erin, these are the protocols used in EA
·         You have to be a Sophomore to have a castration;
·         You have to be a junior to have SRS;
·         And a Senior for the womb implant.

And she said too “:Its quite a journey . Students must clear a psychological evaluation before any procedure, we make sure students are informed and emotionally ready. The medical and teaching is very intense. Very detailed. If you have surgery here, it will be like you had it in RL”.

In addition to parties Education and Medical, EA also has the Social part. like the Gym.

EA Gyn

EA also has an active cheerleading squad.

Another social facility, we call it that, is the dormitory

EA dormitory

Where all students are welcome to stay, free of charge. As can be seen in the photo, Vererlin one of students doing her and dreaming.

The last Social installation is a lovely balcony.

EA balcony

After this detailed tour, Doc Erin took us to meet the Fairwinds Maternity.

Fairwinds Maternity

Another institution of reference in Second Life.

But this part of the visit I will tell in another article.

Thank you Doctor Erin and Teacher Ditsey for the warm welcome and the opportunity to meet this institution.

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