Thursday, May 23, 2013

What Makes a Domme?

Last Monday, May 20, Miss Brittany gave us one more class.

She then answered that question

AYA's class room

The classroom was filled with many interested people

AYA's class room

The class was very participative with a lot of questions. Many new knowledge.

It's not the clothes that make the Domme, it’s a “multitude of things. First it take a Sense of Self, a Dominant personality, understanding that they may not know everything but they will do whatever it takes to ensure they learn properly but most importantly....”

A very Interesting Class

AYA's class room

Next week our class will be about “The Traits on a Good Dominant”.

This class will be open to all,
By Marta
Revised By Stacy
Field Reporter Mikki, Stacy
Photo Marta, Stacy


  1. Thankyou for the lovely report on the class mdear. You do such wonderful job giving a brief overview of the classes and the pictures are spot on.

    Sr Mistress Brittany D'Morgann

  2. Thanks dear, you are always welcome.