Monday, August 12, 2013

AYA's Family Did its Part

Second Life helping Real Life

Since March, AYA’s Family have been involved in Relay For Life (RFL) SL’s cancer charity.  Our team was brilliantly led by Princess Alexis and with the participation of many anonymous members of AYA, raised 23,300 Linden (US$ 101.00) for this noble cause.

For this good work, AYA was awarded with Bronze Medal.

Thank you from RFL and our Bronze Award from RFL are in the  foyer (entrance area) of the Mansion.

Thank you all again everyone for your help with Relay for Life this last RFL season since March. We will hopefully do this again when the next season starts in March.
Princess Alexis Hannah Greymyst
Leader Team
By Marta
Reporter Alexis
Photo Alexis


  1. That's so awesome! I have a couple of aunts who have been fighting cancer. Knowing there's people out there who care and are willing to do something about it means a lot.

  2. thank you very much for posting this to the blog Marta

    and thank you everyone who donated for helping this cause

    maybe next year we can raise even more

    1. count on me to increase this revenue

  3. This is a great cause, I'm dreaming of the day when this desease will be history. Thank you Milady for organizing it and to everyone who have made a donation.