Thursday, August 8, 2013

NASA Discovers Sissy Planet

American space agency NASA has discovered a giant pink planet

Many times greater than Jupiter but with much lower mass.

Observation made by a telescope in Hawaii, one of the main reasons for its color is that the population of the planet loves wearing pink, are more calmer, moody, emotional, delicate and effeminate and a large part submissive.

This finding left the authorities of the Earth very alarmed. Afraid that there was an exodus from Earth to there, they have changed the official story.
Take a look at the lie created at NASA press release
By Marta


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  2. We are in need of a bit of humor to de-stress.
    Thanks Sis

    Hugs and Kiss

  3. "Several times the mass of Jupiter and similar in size".

    I would have guessed it would be closer in size to Uranus.

  4. ::giggling:: This post is awesome! Definitely needed to see this today. Thank you for posting it, Miss Marta. :)

  5. Great post...such a beautiful planet...It's just funny this planet is close to the Virgo constellation...
    Love xxx