Thursday, August 1, 2013

Do You Know The Safety Word?

Last Monday Miss Brittany class talk about Safety Word

A safe word is a word used to notify the other party when a limit is being breached past a comfortable point.

Is a signal to the other partner in a play session that things are changing from the statuesque. Often this means the submissive have passed a threshold they are comfortable

Traditionally speaking the Traffic light system is known universal. RED means Stop but the other 2 lights are also used. Yellow means the Limit is coming close and Green means they are far from their limit.

Non Verbal "Safe words" are established often hand gestures that can be made even if one is bound.

What if someone has been bound and gag and can’t make a sound like a tap or a knock? Say they are tied x shape to a bed

Good question.

If someone is bound tight in an X and gagged ,The wrist can still flex. For me I explain to the bottom if they are hitting yellow to flap right wrist only RED they flap left wrist rapidly.

If mobility is an issue then the Top needs to find something that would catch their eye that is possible and you would know these signals ahead of time Alexis because if it is a scene with a top you never been with before then you negotiate the scene first what is goanna happen what safety procedures are in place but if you are going to scene with your Owner who you have belonged to for some time rarely will a Top deviate from their usual procedures.

Are we clear on what a Safe word is and why it is used now?

As always a very informative class Miss Brittany

By Marta
Reporter Morgane

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